Monday 11.15.10

The starting position for a Jerk is the same as the Shoulder Press and Push Press.

SWOD: Back Squat: Work up to 1@90% of 1rm, then 3x3@ 80%.

Metcon: Perform for time:
- 15 Power Clean and Jerks 155/ 95
- 5 Chin Ups
- 10 Power Clean and Jerks 155/ 95
- 10 Chin Ups
- 5 Power Clean and Jerks 155/ 95
-15 Chin Ups

For the SWOD, know your 1 RM so you know how to partition your work sets. WE ARE NOT SETTING NEW MAXES TODAY! We will be attempting to move the weight up an average of 5 pounds each week, so the goal is to start lower than maximal effort and work up.

For the metcon, Power Cleans and Power Jerks will be performed. For some of you at this weight it may be faster to simply push press the weight above your head. But for today's workout, we want to see the re-bending of the knees in a push jerk or split jerk position.

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. Good to be back!

    SWOD: back squat- used 1RM of 170
    1 @ 90% 155
    3 @ 80% 135

    Metcon- @ 85 lb with jumping pull-ups 11:30

  2. SWOD 235# 3x3
    METCON 135# @ 15:10

  3. SWOD: used 405 1RM on 14" Box
    Box Squat 365x1, 315x3x3

    Metcon: 7:50 rx'd

  4. SWOD: All to 14"box (dropped from 20"/big difference for me in the hip flexor area)
    270x1, 225@3x3

    Metcon: 12:51 as rx with 155

  5. Sorry i didn't make it this morning Brad! Woke up with a sore throat. So I needed a couple more hours of sleep. I might try to make it in this evening if I'm feeling better.

  6. SWOD: 135x1,125(3x3)
    Metcon: 15:48 @ 65lbs w/jumping chin ups

    Should have done my 3 sets of 3 at 115 because I wasn't getting enough depth in the squat. Did on true chin up from a dead hang today! YAY!

  7. SWOD: 335#x1 / 295#3x3

    METCON: 10:39 RX'D

  8. SWOD:185x1, 165x3
    Metcon: 21:52@95# and banded chin-ups

  9. SWOD: 265x1 235x3
    Metcon: 6:58

  10. SWOD: 155X3
    Metcon: 15:15 @ 95#, jumping chin-ups

  11. Good Job morning classes! Great to see many of you again, and to watch Greg kick my butt in the workout!

  12. This away working out is ruff to keep up. I think the strength is going to decline. Today I introduced the group to farmers carry. We did the length of a basketball court carring what each thought was heavey. It was a total of 20 laps that started at the minute and at 10 went to 45 seconds and at 5 went to 30 seconds. Ain't FHL bliss

    60 Lbs farmers carry

  13. SWOD: 305X1 275X3X3
    METCON 10:27RXD

  14. Compound Total
    Back squat 155
    Shoulder press 75
    Deadlift 175
    Pr's in all lifts! Yeah!
    Total 405. Increased from 382. Up by 23

  15. SWOD: 120#s x1; 110#s 3x3

    Metcon: 12:49 @75#s and blue band chin ups; started at 80#s but just wasn't feelin' the weight over my head today

  16. SWOD: back squat 85x1rm
    Metcon:13:26@35 Kipping/jumping chin ups

  17. SWOD: 135 @90% 120@80%

    Metcon: 10:27 clean jerks and chin ups
    no cleans

  18. SWOD: 150# 1RM

    ring pullups
    Then did an extra round until Craig said to stop!!

  19. swod: 1x205 3x3 @160(bw)
    metcon: 9:54 @ 115# had to kip the last few chin up's

  20. SWOD: Crossfit Total 155+75+225=455 (all pr's)
    Metcon: 9:35
    started w/ 95# but dropped to 85# after first five reps
    kipping chin ups

  21. SWOD: 255x1, 225x3

    Metcon: 11:40 rx'd. My overhead strength needs some major improvement. 155 kicked my ass.

  22. SWOD: 305X1, 275X3X3
    METCON: 10:47 @ RX'ED

  23. CrossFit total 455 (was 470 in June)
    BS 155
    SP 65 (was 70)
    DL 235 (was 250)

  24. SWOD: practice, 1RM 105#
    Metcon: 12:23, jumping PU,