Sunday 11.14.10

Strength Training.  Because it's awesome.

At The Compound, from the coaches to the newest athlete, we are all in different phases of our fitness journey.  Some can do all the WODs as rx'd, some are brand new and have to scale even the simplest of movements.  But despite these differences, all of us share one common bond:  we all need to get stronger.

Stronger athletes are dominant athletes.  Stronger men and women are more confident  men and women.  Stronger kids get injured less by developing denser bones and thicker tendons and muscles around joint structures.  Stronger CrossFitters are better at metcons, strength training, and gymnastics, and therefore develop a higher level of fitness.  Keep an eye on your fellow Compounders and you will realize that those athletes that consistently get stronger in the SWODs also usually perform better in the metcons.

With that in mind, we set out to test our current strength levels in the CrossFit Total last Friday.  Hopefully you did the total and wrote down your results.  That will be your starting point for the next six weeks of training at The Compound.  

For the next six weeks we will train around the three CrossFit Total lifts: the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.  We will train variations of these lifts, and will train these lifts with maximal effort, dynamic effort, and repetition method techniques.  We will work with high percentages of our 1rm for low reps during the strength training so our central nervous systems get used to having heavy weights on our backs, shoulders, and in our hands.

This is the time of year when normally our calorie consumption goes up due to holiday and family parties.  While we don't want to condone eating with reckless abandon, it is almost unavoidable to not indulge somewhat during the holidays.  So lets make good use of the extra calories and get our strength up!  

Don't worry, folks.  Of course we will be doing metcon as well.  At no time will you leave the gym thinking you can do more!  The programming will not differ too much from what we've been doing, but it will be focused on increasing the three CrossFit Total lifts.  And once that foundation of strength is laid, watch your other CrossFit numbers climb!  bc

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