Tuesday 11.23.10

Sweet Potato Fries were a nice treat after lunch to recover from a brutal Squat and Lunge day!  As for the soda, well that's not the goal I'm working on presently and "diet mountain dew does taste more like regular mountain dew"...(wonder if I can get any sponsorship for plugging the product?).

SWOD: Planche Push Up practice x 30

Metcon: 5 rounds:
-400 m Run *
-15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/ 65

*If raining you can sub 500m Row or 50 Double Unders

The SWOD is not for time, but for doing 30 good reps at the most difficult progression for you.  This is a progression exercise to eventually work up to a Planche, which can be found with description and video here

For the metcon, the best advice is move fast to stay warm!

Post times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD: Planche Pushups x 30

    Metcon: 5 rounds in 29:45 of:
    400M Run
    15 Sumo Deadlift Hipulls @ 55lbs

  2. SWOD: Planche Pushups x 30

    Metcon: 5 rounds in 20:18 of:
    400M Run
    15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 60lbs

  3. Ok so I must have been bothered yesterday by not trying more weight on the snatch cuz I had a dream last night about that workout. Tha bar was wobbly, the weights wouldn't stay on tight, I had fluffy things on the bar that kept getting in my way! It was a frustrating dream! I guess that means I need to try it huh?

    Hey how did the planche practice go? Looks daunting....

  4. SWOD: Modified Planche Push Ups x 30
    Metcon: 16:31 rx'd

    HSPU 8

  5. HSPU Day 8

    SWOD: Planche Pushups x 25 at waist, x5 on wall
    Metcon: 12:38 Rx'd

    Nice dream Kelly. Planche pushups will still be going on in the evening if you can get to the gym!

  6. SWOD: planche pushups on wall

    Metcon: 15:29 @ 75

  7. The FHL Compound
    Okay so I can't see me trying to get a bunch of Army guys doing the Planche Push-up. So I piched 3 different exercises with "Up" in the name. Metcon:
    3 rounds for time of:
    25 Double unders
    20 Push-ups
    15 HSPU
    10 Turkish Getups.

    SWOD: Hang Snatch 5x3 at 115, 1RM at 135
    Push Press 5x3 at 115, 1RM at 135.
    Yes, I just did them together but I can't remember the proper name when the two exercises are tied together.
    Time 22:00 flat.

  8. GarageWOD: because I melt in the rain
    1arm KB swings w/30#, DoubleUnders
    10 kbs each arm
    30 DU's
    5 rounds


  9. HSPU Day #8.

    I got 4 in a row with full range of motion. Before this challenge, all my HSPU's were to an Abmat. This challenge is definitely helping! If you haven't started yet and want to get better at HSPU's, you should really join in!

  10. Swod: attempted 30 planche push ups
    Wod: 15:33 50 double unders 15 sdhp@ 55 lbs x 5 rounds
    Still nursing my back and its a little sore after this one.

    Hspu 8

  11. Oh by the way... kipping hspu are as hard as they look.......

  12. SWOD Planch Push Ups Practice

    MetCon 17:15 as Rxd'

    HSPUs' X 7 (One Abmat)

    Excellent tunes selection today

  13. SWOD Various Planche Push Ups x30
    MetCon : 5 rounds in 11:23 of
    50 double unders
    Sumo Deadlift Hipulls @ 95lbs +45 burpees
    HSPU's X 7

  14. HSPU day 8
    SWOD- Skill work

    Metcon:16:38 as rx'd with 400 m run

  15. swod: planche pushup practice x30...really odd;/ in a good way.
    metcon: 19:25 @95 w/3x50 du's and 2x500m. rows

  16. HSPU- Day 8

    I agree with you Brad, I can tell I am getting more depth after only 8 days. I am probably about 1 abmat in depth, but am not using one, so I can shoot for the floor!

    PS When I first read your post, I thought you meant 4 full range planche pushups! LOL

  17. HSPU Day 8 & 9. Word to the wise: DONT SKIP DAYS.


    Tabata: Pike pushups/Burpees/Hollow Rocks/Hand Release Pushups

    101/38/72/56 = 267 total reps.

  18. I think my time was 16:23 with run