Tuesday 11.30.10

Brian Cushing, outside linebacker for the Houston Texans, runs a 4.15 second 5-10-5 shuttle.  This drill is rapidly replacing the 40-yard dash as the standard by which professional football players are judged.  This is due primarily to the fact that the 40-yard dash does not account for change of direction speed like the short shuttle does.

HSPU Day #15

Tabata Mash Up of:
- Wall Ball (heaviest ball to a 10' target)
- Toes to Bar

5-10-5 Short Shuttle x 5 attempts

For the metcon we will alternate :20 of all-out wall ball shots and :10 rest with :20 of all-out toes to bars and :10 rest.  The entire metcon will take 8:00.  Your score will be the lowest total reps of wall ball in any :20 period and your lowest total reps of toes to bar in any :20 period.  If you can't do toes to bar, do knees to elbows as the sub.  If you can't do knees to elbows, bring your knees up as high as possible on each rep and try not to come off the bar during the :20 work period.

For the shuttles, we will cycle through one at a time until everyone has done the shuttle five times.  Your score will be your fastest time and your slowest time of the five runs.  

 Post shuttle times and tabata scores to the comments section!  bc


  1. 5-10-5 shuttle run 5:37 5:78
    Tabata mashup 14 lb ball-7; knees to elbows-4 total-11
    My knees to elbows left much to be desired. Need to work on those
    HSPU- day 15

  2. SWOD: 5-10-5 shuttle run 5:03, 5:28

    Metcon: 20lb wall ball; 6 wb & 5 ttb = 11

  3. Good to see a bunch of people today... on a sprint day! And many faces we don't see in the mornings too much, Erick, Joyce, then Chanda and Kelly made a come back...good job everyone

    SWOD: fast: 4.84/ slow: 5.00
    Metcon: T2B-7/ Wallball-10 = 17

    HSPU Day 15

  4. HSPU Day #15 (I only did 11 since I had 4 extra yesterday)

    Fastest: 4.81
    Slowest: 5.13

    5 T2B + 9 Wall Balls (20#)= 14.

  5. SWOD: 5-10-5 Shuttle runs x 5
    Fastet 5.85
    Slowest 6.2

    Metcon: Tabata Mash Up
    4 T2B + 7 Wall Ball (14#)= 11

    HSPU Challenge: 15

  6. SWOD 4.81/5.58
    METCON 15 (7 TTB,8WB)
    15 HSPU 1 Abmat

    1 Steffanie Drop

  7. SWOD: 5:69/6:19

    METCON: 10 (7WB +3)

  8. Did the Disneyland WOD today - 3+ miles of walking, 2 miles of 45lb 4 year old carries. Haha! Brian Cushing is an animal thanks to a lot of hard work, an intense desire to succeed and Joe Defrancos extensive knowledge and passion for training athelets.

  9. went shoe shopping..Killed it, two stores,in and out in :25..found a pair that fit,no stress, had a plan and stuck to it.

  10. SWOD: sat it out. I think I pulled muscle in my leg. Hurts to run :(

    WOD:Tabata 5 wall balls 6 toes to bars

  11. Metcon: 10 WB, 3 toes to bar
    Shuttle run: 5.5 sec fastest, 5.9 slowest
    Partner carries: weird but fun

  12. SWOD: 5:94, 5:41
    Metcon: $ wall balls, 2 toes to bar

  13. Forgot to add
    HSPU Challenge Day 15
    3 mile run

  14. Metcon: 6 wall balls, 4 toes over shoulders
    SWOD Shuttle Run 7.1 and 7.9.

  15. SWOD: 5.19, 5.34

    Metcon- 7 wallball and 5 knees to elbows with 14lb ball