Monday 11.29.10

Ah, the after Turkey Day, L-Tryptophan-induced coma.  I know it well.  Since most of us calorie loaded this weekend, let's take advantage of the anabolic hormone producing environment we've created and get our deadlift on!

Deadlift 90% + 10 lbs x 1, 70-75%  x2x5

AMRAP in 15:00 of:
- 3 HSPU's
- 6 KB Swings (heaviest possible)
- 12 Sit Ups
- 24 Double Unders

For the deadlifts, compare what you did on 11.19.10 for your 90% weight, and try to add weight to that without hitting failure.  Hopefully you are able to add 5-10 lbs for a difficult but not impossible single rep.  Then go to 70-75% of your last 1rm for two sets of 5 reps.  On the multiple rep sets, remember not to bounce the bar or do "touch and go" reps.  We want to develop our capacity to lift the barbell off the floor from a dead stop, so we must train that ability.  Pause for 1-2 seconds between reps and reset your body positioning during that time for perfect pulls every rep.

For the metcon, the HSPU's should suffice for those doing the 90-Day HSPU Challenge.  We are on day #14, so as long as you get 4 rounds + 2 HSPU's during the WOD, you will have completed your prescribed reps for the day.  The reps are low for the swings so go as heavy as possible.  Rx'd sit ups are with an Abmat but feel free to use the GHD if you want more of a challenge.  The sub for double unders for this WOD will be 4/1 singles to doubles, or 96 single jumps per round.

Post weights and numbers of rounds completed to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: deadlift 90% + 5 @285lbs, 70% 2x5 @225lb

    METCON: 3, hspu, 6kb swing, 12 SU, 24 DU @62lb
    sets: 5+ hspu, kb, SU

    Day 14 hspu = an exrtra 4

  2. SWOD: deadlift 205x1, 145 2x5

    Metcon: 7 rounds using 44lb kb

  3. swod: 495 x 1, 380 x 2 x 5
    metcon: 10 rds + 3 hspu (62# kb)

    hspu day 14 (+19 more)

  4. swod: 310x1. 235x2x5

    Metcon: 4 rnds + 18

  5. Wahoooo. SWOD was 235x1, 195x2x5,

    METCON: 4 rounds plus 31...
    FHL crew was slow this morning. We sub'ed KB for Dumb Bells which made for plenty of corrections while working out. Loads of fun. I had a great weekend and got two days of workin out with Craig and Bill. I enjoyed the workout guys.

  6. Yeah that was fun Dave. The original "Garage Dogs" were back together!

  7. SWOD: up to 475xfail (pathetic), then 365x 2x5

    Metcon: As rx'd with 60 lbs KB. HSPU's were head to floor. I got 5 rounds + 12 sit ups.

    HSPU Day #14 (+ 4 extra)

  8. 115lbsx1 95lbs@2x5
    3rounds with 35lbs KB and slowly getting DU

  9. SWOD: 295, then 230x 2x5

    Metcon: As rx'd with 62 lbs KB. HSPU's were head to floor. I got 10 rounds + 1kb swing

  10. SWOD: 275, then 235 2x5

    7.75 rnd rxd

  11. SWOD 1@245#
    Feelin good so went for 1x275#(pr)
    Metcon 6 rds + HSPU,KB,7 Pups'
    GHD PUs'
    53# KB
    4x Single Unders

  12. SWOD:115x1-952x5
    MetCon: 10.5
    goal: 11

  13. SWOD: 200#, then 155# 2x5

    Metcon: 5 rounds + 4 sit ups w/44# KB, mod HSPUs; single unders

  14. (PR) 125 1rm deadlift
    90lbs 2x5rounds

    7 rounds + 19 double unders....
    Need to get back into the routine...
    feels good

  15. SWOD: Deadlift 1@125lbs, 2X5 @ 90lbs

    Metcon: 3 rounds + 8 DU of:
    3 HSPU
    6 KB Swings-26lbs
    12 Sit Up
    24 Double Unders

  16. swod:285x1 225 2x5
    metcon: 7rnd's +3 hspu's (2 abmat, solid head touch)

  17. SWOD: 360x1, 280x2x5

    Metcon: 6 rounds Rx'd w/62# kb. Hit muscle failure on HSPU's in 7th round. It was a disaster after that.

  18. SWOD: 475#x1 , 365#x2x5reps

    METCON: 6rounds + 6situps , HSPU to 1 abmat

  19. SWOD: 175#x1, 2X5 155#
    METCON: 8 rounds + 1 quasi-HSPU 44# KB, 2 stacked abmats.

  20. SWOD: 205x1, 160x2x5
    Metcon: 8 rds + 3 HSPU's
    (HSPU's w/1 abmat x3 rds, 2 abmats x5 rds and 44# kb swings)

    HSPU Challenge: 14 + 17
    But I missed the last four days (10+11+12+13=46) so I have 29 more to do to catch up!

  21. SWOD: practice form on OHS 55# 7x5

    WOD: 3 2 stacked ab mats
    6 pull ups on the rope
    12 sit ups
    24 double unders
    6 rounds +3 HSPU
    +6 HSPU to complete Day 14

    Good job Brad on your HSPU!

  22. HSPU DAY 14

    whew, almost forgot about 'em, but got 'em done! See you tomorrow

  23. SWOD 245#x1, 190#x2x5
    Metcon 4rnds + 13 HSPU,44# KB