Tuesday 11.9.10

Focus on the position of his hands; close to his body, like he is putting his hands in his pockets.

SWOD: Weighted Ring Dips 1 rep Max

Metcon: 5 rounds for time

-40 Double Unders

-10 Ring Dips

-40 Sit Ups (scale up to GHD)

When starting the dip, make sure that you keep your elbows pointing back and your wrists turned slightly inward. If you allow your elbows to point out to the side, this will naturally allow you hands to slide away from your body as you start to descend. As you descend you want to make sure that your elbows are staying close to your sides and pointing back through the decent and ascent. This will give you more control throughout the motion. Notice in the picture that the rings are close to his body and they are touching his arm pits at the bottom. As you push up - make sure that your hands run right up the sides of your body and KEEP YOUR ELBOWS POINTING BACKWARDS. Now add more weight!


  1. weighted bar dips 5 pounds
    160 single unders x 5
    10 ring dips x 5
    40 sit ups x 5

  2. SWOD: Band Ring Dips

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 4 Ring Dips of:
    40 Double Unders/160 Single Unders
    10 Band Ring Dips
    40 Sit Ups

  3. SWOD: 20# weighted ring dips, failed at 30#
    Metcon: Completed 5 rounds except for 18 situps
    Total of 120 GHD's
    20 ring dips, rest with bands
    Total of 100 double unders, rest singles

  4. Great crowd today, even though it was cold! everyone came in and work really hard....probably to stay warm.

    SWOD: Weighted Ring Dip 1 RM 120# (fail at 130#)
    Metcon: 21:49 w/ GHD Sit Ups. Actually strung together all 40 D/U's in last two rounds

  5. SWOD:band/box dip
    goal: full body dip
    MetCon: 25:05
    goal:under 24

  6. SWOD: 85 lb ring dip

    MetCon: 12:30 as rx'd w/ one round of GHD situps

  7. SWOD: 85 lb ring dip
    Metcon: 15:06 as rxed (40 ghd)

  8. SWOD: can't do a full body weight ring dip so I worked on knee muscle ups and modified ring dips (toes on box, one knee on band)

    Metcon: 16:48 (ring dips w/ toes on box)

    Finally able to string 20+ double unders in a row!! :)

  9. SWOD: 50# Ring Dip

    MetCon: 21:17
    800 Single Unders
    40x5 SitUps (One Rd GHD)

  10. SWOD: 10# Ring Dip
    Metcon: 18:28
    1 set of ring dips the rest ring push ups
    800 singles

  11. SWOD: practiced ring dips with box, band
    Metcon: 20:20 assisted ring dips

  12. SWOD: 35lb 1 RM ring dip

    Metcon: 18:34 doing real ring dips

  13. SWOD: practiced rings dips. I was able to do about a half dip unassisted. :)
    Metcon: 20:55 singles on the jump rope and box ring dips.

  14. Getting ready for the three major lift totaling.
    shoulder press:145lb
    back squat: 255lb
    deadlift: 315lb

  15. SWOD: 25# ring dip

    METCON: 24:43 was able to get 11 double unders in a row without the bunny hop !!

  16. swod box dips technique

    metcon 160 jump ropes 10 box dips 40 crunches

    30 minutes

  17. Swod Toes; 30:00 4 Rds+2Ring Dips

  18. Swod 90lbs
    Mecon 28:50 RX two rounds GHD

  19. SWOD: 80lbs

    Metcon: 22:13 Rx'd (2 rounds GHD). Always thought my ring dips were strong. Not so much.

  20. SWOD: Weighted Ring Dips 1 rep Max -- practiced a variety of assisted ring dips

    Metcon: 5 rounds for time

    -40 Double Unders 120 single unders + 10 double under attempts

    -10 Ring Dips - green band

    -40 Sit Ups - abmat