Wednesday 11.10.10

Key points - active shoulders, hips forward, and up on balls of the feet. Also, arms fully extended

SWOD: Clean 1 rep Max, Then 80%x2, 60%x4, 40%x6

Metcon: For time

-9-6-3 reps of Thrusters (135/95)

-27-18- 6 reps of Ring Rows

When executing the clean it is imperative that you fully extend your body as shown in the picture. Make sure that you drive your hips forward as you come up on the balls of your feet, also, making sure that you're shrugging your shoulders with NO early arm bend. This will allow for maximum pull on the weight so it can reach weightlessness (All the lifting of the weight should be done with your legs and traps). Once the bar has reached that "weightless spot," you must commit to the fall under the bar. If you do not commit 100% to the fall then you end up catching it at chest level and have to muscle it to your shoulders for proper placement of the front squat. This will cause you to waste energy and strength, in addition to, causing you to rock or step forward taking you of that midline stabilization.

For the Metcon, pace yourself on the thrusters and try not to break the set. One round will consist of 9 thrusters and 27 ring rows, 6 and 18, and so on…


  1. swod= 190 (pr) failed at 205 and 200
    metcon= dont remember the time, but done as rx'd

  2. SWOD:105(PR)1rm clean super stoked right now!!
    Metcon: 6:52 @ 70lb(wanted ass to ankles on every thruster so went lighter on weight)

    steve your time was 7:49..nice job!

  3. SWOD: 85x1,75x2,65x4...ran out of time
    Metcon: 11:47 @ 65lbs

    First day back after illness. Doc prescribed steroid so I thought I might have super human powers this morning, but turns out I didn't.

  4. 125 lb. clean (PR), metcon 10:46 @ 95 lbs.

  5. SWOD: 225# x 1 ..i cant seem to break this weight

    METCON: 5:13 RX'D

  6. 95lbs cleans
    metcon 8:30@65lbs

    No crying at this workout!!!!!

  7. 225 power clean PR (knee owie)
    metcon 4:30 with pushpress 135lbs

  8. SWOD: 135lb clean

    Metcon: 6:47 @ 115/95

  9. SWOD: 185 lb 1rm

    MetCon: 7:39 with 115 thruster

  10. SWOD: 115x1 (pr)
    Metcon: 9:58 (85# thrusters)

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  12. Messed up on my last post...
    SWOD: 105 1RM
    Metcon: 7:20 75# Thruster

  13. SWOD: 135x1

    Metcon: 5:15ish@95#

  14. swod 145x1(pr) 115x2 95x4 65x6
    metcon:6:57 @115 lb. Wahooey on that one!!

  15. SWOD: 205x1, 165x2, 125x4, 85x6

    Metcon: 5:11 rx'd

  16. SWOD 75 1RM

    METCON: 13:13 @ 80lbs

  17. SWOD: Clean & Jerk 275x1 (fail at 295), 225 x 2, 185 x 4, 135 x 6

    Metcon: 4:57 w/ 24" box

  18. SWOD: C&J 180x1(PR..failed at 190),145x2,115x4,75x6

    Metcon: 5:49 as RX 135thrusters/ring pulls w/24"box

  19. SWOD: Clean 1 rep Max, Then 80%x2, 60%x4, 40%x6
    90# 1RM--ran out of time for the rest

    Metcon: For time
    -9-6-3 reps of Thrusters (135/95) did 70#s
    -27-18- 6 reps of Ring Rows elevated!