Tuesday 12.14.10

 "Someone" locking out her Thruster rep in great form. 

HSPU Day #29

SWOD: Weighted Chin Ups 1rm, then bodyweight for max reps (no kipping)

Metcon: 30 Muscle Ups for time

For the weighted pull ups, use that contraption thing (unknown what it is), kettlebells or dumbells between the feet, weight plates held at the knees, etc.

If you can not do muscle ups, then try either of these substitutes:
-3 Pull Ups  + 3 Ring Dips = 1 Muscle Up or
- Muscle Ups from the knees with feet assist.  If you do the second one, make sure you raise the rings up high enough make it difficult and a full body workout.  Try to resist the urge to "jump" your body past the middle portion of the workout, that is the most important part.  Rather, work on pulling the rings to your sternum, then moving your chest around the rings into a deep dip position.  This assist, minus the jump, will be more advantageous in assisting your strict and kipping muscle up and your ring dips.

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  1. In the rain...nice Angel

    SWOD: 115 x 1 RM (PR), max reps x 15
    Metcon: 500 m Row @ 1:33 (PR)

    My shoulder is a little injured so taking it easy on muscle ups while I do HSPU

  2. HSPU day 27 & 28
    SWOD: 82# X 1RM, Max reps X15
    Metcon: complete, but did not pay attention to the time oops

  3. SWOD: 2rm bw
    goal: 5rm bw
    MetCon: 12:56
    goal: under 10

  4. SWOD: 10# x 1rm (kipping), bw x 1
    Metcon: 14:30 (modified knee muscle ups)

    HSPU's 29

  5. 22.5 lb weighted chin up. Skill work on the WOD (practice technique of 30 muscle ups, then 30 ring dips and 30 chin ups)

  6. I did a CrossFit Endurance WOD on the rower:

    3x3:00 rounds with 3:00 rest. The goal was to maintain energy output on each round. With the damper set to 6 I did the following:

    Round 1: 815m
    Round 2: 809m
    Round 3: 825m

    I couldn't fully bend my left knee, so I wasn't getting all the leg drive I could get, but it was still a good interval WOD.

    The plan for me for the ner future will be Starting Strength on M, W, F and CFE on T, Th, S.

  7. SWOD: 20lb chin up

    Metcon: 3:55

  8. SWOD: 60#x1,BWx8 / Deadlifts 495x1,405x3x3

    METCON: 30 MU "attempts" modified from the knees @ 23:?????

  9. SWOD: 25lb chin up (failed at 30 and 27.5), max reps 6 strict chin-ups

    Metcon- Worked on MU from the knees (need to work on ring dips)

  10. SWOD: worked on negative chin-ups,chin-ups with red band

    METCON: 30 MU'S modified from the knees

  11. SWOD: 100lb chinup
    Metcon: Just worked on MU technique. Left bicep is injured and MU were not happening.

  12. SWOD: Alternated 10 negative chin-ups, band assisted chin-ups to failure, 3 rounds.

    Metcon: 30 modified knee muscle ups (If you can even call them that!)

    4 mile run with 1/2 marathon training group
    HSPU Day 29