Monday 12.13.10

During today's thrusters, try to keep in mind all the tips to the left of this diagram.  The figure on the right should really have a "frowny face" because best case scenario his/her lifts will suck, but worst case scenario he/she is going to do some serious physical damage!  Keep in mind this diagram DOES NOT show squat depth, but rather depicts optimal positioning for thrusters, push presses, jerks, front squats, receiving a power clean, etc.  It's basically involved in almost every functional movement we do!  Click on the image to enlarge it.

HSPU Day #28

Back Squat 1 x90% of your 1rm + a little more than last week. Then, 3x3 at a heavier weight than the 80% of 1rm you used last time we did 3x3 on 11.15.10. Add weight, however little, to both the 90 and 80 percent sets. We will only back squat heavy one more time after today before we test our CrossFit Totals again, so take full advantage of your time under the bar.

5 rounds for time of:
- 7 Thrusters (135/85)
- 21 Double Unders

For the thrusters, clean the weight into position, keep the elbows high, and hit proper depth. I go deeper with my thrusters than I do my squats to take advantage of the "stretch reflex" of the working muscles. It's much faster during a timed workout to drop into and explode out of the hole on thrusters, rather than easing down into them, stopping your muscles short of full range of motion, and then trying to reverse direction and come back up. Obviously, all your front squat mechanics should be prioritized in order to make this effective and prevent injuries.

For the double unders, if you have to substitute the movement, do 4 times the number of single unders. So you would instead do 84 single unders per round. If you do this option, focus on single hop jumps and increasing your rope speed. Keep your elbows into your sides and make small circles with your wrists. Your elbows should remain flexed but should not be the joint powering your rope. Your wrists should do the work. No one ever got good at double unders without first getting good at single unders, so don't worry about running before you can walk. But also remember your goal is to run (still talking about double unders, don't lose me on this metaphor) so everything you do with a rope in your hand should be designed to get you to that goal.

Post weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. In an effort to support my daughter and her fitness effort's Im off to Sacramento tomorrow to join her in a "Boot Camp" workout. Will need to make up the back squats though..see ya'll on Tuesday.

  2. Gerrr i am so mad at myself for not getting up this morning, i dont want to miss this work out gonna have to go later on

  3. Tuff one for the cadio. The thrusters became really heavy. Good one!

    Swod: 290x1, 250x3x3 (box)
    Metcon: 13:05 as RX

  4. SWOD: Box Squat (14") 395 x 1, 325 x 3 x 3

    Metcon: 6:44

  5. SWOD: 365x1, 310x3x3

    METCON: 15:16 RX'D...DU's were hard after all the squats and heavy thrusters

  6. Angel, I always felt that if I made it to the gym I won. The exercising was just a side benifit. Good luck to ya.

    SWOD: 185 3x3
    METCON: 35LB dumb bell for one arm thrusters. Only counted right arm so 14 per set.

  7. SWOD:100x1 80-3x3
    goal:bump it up 5lbs
    goal:under 9:30

  8. SWOD: backsquat 300x1, 245 3x3
    METCON: 7:14 (thrusters with wallball)

  9. SWOD: 150x1 115x3x3
    Metcon: 10:37 @ 75#

    HSPU Challenge: 10 + 27 + 28!!

  10. Happy B-Day Kim!
    SWOD = 300 x 1, 265 x 3 x 3
    MetCon = 11:50

  11. SWOD: 150x1 , 115 3x3
    Metcon: 18:24 @ 75lbs, single rope jumps

  12. My knee issues have forced me to revamp my training, so I started a version of "Starting Strength".

    Box Squats (14" box): 45x5, 65x5, 95x3x5
    Bench Press: 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3x5
    Chin Ups: Bodyweight x 7x5

  13. SWOD: 1 @ 185, 3X3 @ 145

    Metcon: 9:26 as rx'd

  14. finding 1 rep for back squat 15lb bar +20
    front squat 15 lb bar 5*7
    jump rope 1 unders 84*5

  15. SWOD: 135# back squat and 105#x3x3
    Metcon: 12:57 w 65# and double unders :)
    (3 reps at 85# my foot was not feeling it)

  16. HSPU Day 28. Whoo Hoo, chugging along......

  17. Happy, happy birthday Kim!!
    SWOD: 155X1, 145, 3X3
    Metcon: 8:11 @ 80#
    HSPU Day #28

  18. SWOD: 275x1, 235x3x3

    Metcon: 9:00 RX'd

    I can barely walk.

  19. SWOD: 132#s x1; 115# 3x3
    Metcon: 10:45 65# thrusters; 84 single unders

  20. SWOD: 90% x1x335, 80% x3x3 @295
    Metcon: 08:48 single unders x84

  21. Swod: front squats 135 x3
    Wod: 5 rounds 75#thruster off the rack 21 du