Tuesday 12.28.10

Holly demonstrating excellent deadlift set up, which she used to pull 200 lbs for the first time in the total last night!  Great job Holly, and great PR!  PR's were dropping all over the place yesterday.

SWOD:  Running technique drills

Metcon:  5k Run

This week is all about testing.  You will notice that each day will be a physical test requiring different  metabolic pathways.  The first, the phosphagen pathway, fuels explosive, powerful activities such as the CrossFit Total.  The 5k run will primarily require the oxidative pathway, which is used for low power activities requiring stamina and endurance.  As athletes, we should not become better at one at the expense of another.  

Post your times to the comments section!  bc


  1. 5k 29:30 PR
    GREAT way to start my day. A special thanks to my running partner who kept me motivated to not walk!

  2. 27:52 PR

    Good job Brooke! You smoked me.

  3. 5K- 23:17

    Nice job Kelly and Jenny on the PRs!

  4. Nice job on the 5k's so far today. I did total today since i couldnt break away from my kids yesterday. I posted total scores with everyone elses. I got 445..never wrote down my original total so this is my new begining. Gonna try to row 5k later if kids allow that to happen.

  5. CF Endurance WOD:
    6 x 1000m row with :90 rest. Best time was 3:33, worst time was 3:55. Not great but I was smoked!

  6. 5 k row (evening, cause i had to get home in the morning)

    18:47 w/ 1:52.8 avg. 500m

    Thanks Melissa for being my workout partner!

  7. Metcon: 5k loop around downtown Vacaville in the pouring rain


    Legs are faded from the Total

  8. I will run a 5K this week. I worked all afternoon in the rain , so I didnt feel like running in it too.Plus suger melts in the rain!

  9. Metcon: 5x 1,000 meter row with 90 sec rest in bwtn = 28:08
    Having a rowing partner really helps! :)

    Was looking forward to running the 5k all day, but running in the dark and in the rain didn't seem safe.