Sunday 1.09.11

Overtrained...NO BUENO!

With the Shamrockin’ event around the corner, the want to get into great cardio condition and stamina up is a top priority for those that are going to participate. Staying on track with the CFE WODs, diet, and rest are going to be the key elements for success. So how do we know if the training we are doing is the right amount or too much? Overtraining Syndrome is something that can happen without us even realizing it.

One of the most common and apparent signs of Overtraining Syndrome is a decrease in performance. This happens when there is a decrease in normal performance times, weight, and energy levels. This can be over looked and passed off as, “just a bad day.” However, it really could be overtraining. A quick solution to this would be to take a few days off and just let your body rest. This is another good reason to keep a log of your workouts and performance.

Another symptom of overtraining is – Heavy Leg Syndrome. A few key symptoms would be sluggish, heavy legs and more than normal muscle soreness. Most of us feel a little sore and tired, with warn out legs after a long run or good workout, however, if the soreness, heaviness, and fatigue continues for 48-72 hours after the run/workout then it’s time for additional rest and recovery for those muscles.

One of the reasons we all train hard is to reap the benefits. Good workouts strengthen our muscles, immune system, and helps keep the “Love handles” down. However, if you are getting sick more or feeling under the weather more often could be a sign that the training is having an adverse affect on the body’s immune system; allowing the body to become more susceptible to illness. At which point it is time to kick the shoes off, put your feet up, and relax for a few days.

One of the best indicators of Overtraining Syndrome is an increase of recovery time. Knowing your body and how long it usually takes to recuperate from a long run, hard workout, or daily duties is a good thing. If you notice that after a run, workout, etc. it takes you more time to recover then you are probably overtraining and need to take some time off.

A few ways that you can avoid overtraining is to slowly ease into the program. Know what your recovery time is for different levels of training. Now for the most important, make sure that you are getting enough sleep…good sleep. This is when your body actually “recovers.” Six to eight hours of sleep is recommended for an athlete. As you are training for this half marathon, keep in mind that you are going to be breaking down your body when you train…so make sure that you give it enough time to recover.


  1. Great info and advice guy's, the daily balance of life is a struggle at times. For me, 7-8 hours of sleep during the week is critical for peak performance at work and play. On the weekends I bounce into 8-9 hours of sleep...awesome!! Feel like a million buck's this morning:)

  2. Just went to the Mobility wod site... Wow!! There is a ton of information and video examples of great stuff to keep us loose. Feel like a kid in a candy store..It's amazing how much I dont know.

  3. CFE#3 at track. Used my Nike IPOD app so I could calibrate it. Got confused and ended up doing 3.09 miles (4.98k). Time slower than I wanted but my shin splints are still bothering me. Gonna have to lay off the sprints.
    Time 34:18

    Craig you should be proud of me, that made 5 times for me this week, a PR! Haha

  4. Kelly, work on relaxing your ankle when you run. Shin splints can result from reaching too far out in front of you with each foot when you stride, and from pulling your toes up each step and striking with your heel. Eliminate those issues, and watch those shin splints melt away.

  5. thanks Brad. I've been trying to do that, but since I cannot see myself running, I cannot identify it exactly. To be honest, I think I do ok in running at a comfortable pace, but experience it when I increase my speed (i.e. sprints).

  6. Nice Job Kelly. Glad to see you so many times this week!

  7. CFE 100, 200, 400 m sprints.

    had to do this on treadmill, so a little awkward but forced me to keep pace. Will run other CFE outside this week