Monday 1.17.11

This week the warm ups will feature different kinds of push ups.  Today will be Dive Bomber Push Ups.  This is a completely random video of dive bomber push ups.  I didn't even really watch it, so let me know if it's good.

Warm Up:  3 rounds of:
- 10 Dive Bomber Push Ups
- 10 Air Squats to Box Jumps

SWOD:  Back Squat:  
Work up to a 3rm for the day (Not necessarily your 3rm PR, but as heavy as you feel you can go with good form today.)  Then do 90% of that 3rm for 5 reps, then 80% of the 3rm for 7 reps.  Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

Metcon:  Perform one rep of each lift the first minute, 2 on the 2nd minute, 3 the 3rd minute, etc. until you fail to complete the prescribed reps in the given time perio:
- SDHP (95/55)
- Any way overhead- Press, push press, jerk (95/55).  The barbell must be cleaned into position.


  1. Now Steff there are some of us that need specific detailed info to get through an exercise with out injuring ourselves..may have to review several more times in order attempt this awkward move tomorrow. ;)

  2. I felt the video was very "informative" my only question is why is she out of breath after five reps?

  3. SWOD- 85lb -3rm
    75lb - 5rm
    65lb - 7rm
    METCON- 7 rounds @ 65lbs

  4. SWOD: 375# x 3, 340# x 5, 300# x 7

    Metcon: 12 rounds + 2 Overheads

  5. I agree with Steffanie!!!
    You have got to be kidding!

  6. Back squat 105lbsx3,95lbsx5,85lbsx7
    5 rounds with 60lbs

  7. That video is like The Matrix or Inception, you have to watch it several times over and over to truly understand it.
    CFE: WOD#1
    Swod: 205x3,185x5,165x7
    Metcon: 5rds+SDHP and 3 Overheads 95#

  8. Warm-up: 3 rds of 10x stripper push ups + 10x air squat to 16" box jump

    SWOD: 95#x3; 85#x5; 95#x7
    Metcon: 6 rounds even

  9. Warmup
    SWOD: 335x3, 305x5, 275x7

    METCON: 9 rounds+ 1 c&j

  10. SWOD: 245x3, 225x5, 200x7

    Metcon: 6 rounds + 5 C&J's, RX'd

  11. swod: 185x3 170x5 150x7
    metcon: 8 rnd's +6 sdlhp rx'd

    The video review was critical in executing proper technique of the "dive bomber" pushup.


  12. Warm up 10 x 3 rd of dive bomber pushups and box squat jumps 20"

    SWOD: 90x3, 80x5, 70x7
    WOD: Round 7 7SDHP, 5 push press @ 55lbs

  13. Yea, did the warm-up...

    SWOD 115# 1RM, 105# x 5, 90# x 7
    METCON : 8 rounds +9 SDHP RX'd (yea, first rx'd)

    Also: 45 minutes run, approx 4.2 mile
    legs heavy and slow after skiing all weekend

  14. stripper push ups were a great warm up

    SWOD: 315x3, 285x5, 250x7

    Metcon: 9 rounds

  15. Warm up: i bombed the dive bombers 1 set of 10,1x15 air squat box jump, 15 GHD sit ups & 15 back extensions, 1100 meters on rower

    SWOD: back squat 145x3,130x5,115x7
    Metcon: 8 rounds + 9 SDHP +3 Push Press @ 65lbs

    Finally a WOD i did RX'd in weight!! woo hoo!!

  16. Warm up: I believe it was Emily who said she didn't feel sexy at all doing the stripper push ups. Yeah, I didn't either.

    SWOD: back squate 115x3, 105x5, 90x7
    Metcon: completed 9 rounds + 10 SDHP and 5 pushpress Rx'd.

    Bob gave me a goal of 8 rounds, thanks for the extra motivation! Still bummed I didn't complete 10.