Tuesday 1.18.11

Sometimes you have to do things to make simple exercises more effective.  Today, we will just add weight to our chin ups, but we're keeping this one in mind for down the road.

Warm Up:  Click on the Push Ups to Elbows support link to view the video for today's push ups version.  It works best to point your toes like the guy in the video.
10:00 of the following (not an AMRAP type of workout, just move continuously between lifts for 10:00)
- 8 Jumping Chest to Bar Pull Ups (we know you can do them without the jump, humor us)
- 10 Walking Lunges (Reps are one per step)

- Weighted Chin Ups:  Accumulate 15 total reps with 20% of your body weight.  Scale up or down as needed, but if you can do at least 1 rep as rx'd, try to get a total of 15.

Death by 10 meters:
- Run 10m the first minute, 20m the second minute, 30m the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete the required distance in the given time.  If you are doing the CFE program, you can do this WOD on the rower, but it will be Death by 15m instead.

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD; 25lb x 15, last 3 chin not above the bar

    Metcon: 15rds (barely)

  2. SWOD- negative chin ups

    METCON- 13 + 13.5 rounds

  3. SWOD: 50# x 5, 53#(kb) x 10
    Metcon: 15 rds (barely-tied Brooke)
    beat out my last score by one lap

  4. Okay so I couldn't find Craigs email with the exercises so I guessed. Today we did sprint training using the 440 as our distance. Tracking fastest and slowest times for a total of six laps. After the first lap I had a 6 minute break then went again and decreased my break by 1 minute each laps.
    Total Distance 1.5 miles
    Slowest: 1:48
    fastest: 1:31

  5. METCON:
    @ the track by the prison
    400m warmup

    20/25yard sprints with just enough rest between to catch my breath

    400m cooldown

  6. SWOD: 15 negative chin-ups
    WOD: 15 rounds + 15.7 so close! So frustrating!

  7. SWOD: 75 lb max
    WOD: 16 rounds + 16

  8. SWOD: 75# chin-ups

    Metcon: 15 rounds + 14

    My legs felt like bricks from the previous CF workout

    Had fun with the 0930 crew

  9. SWOD: 3x chin ups standing on the ground, 12x negatives
    Metcon: 14 rounds! :)

  10. CFE#1-Tabata hill sprints

    Almost 1/2 mile warm up then all warm up drills
    Tabata sprints up Wycoff!! Almost made it to top.
    Then cool down walk/jog down Wycoff and another lap around Alamo Park.
    Nice job this morning Joyce. It was nice to have a running buddy in the dark this morning.

  11. SWOD: 30 Strict Weighted Pullups @ 20% of bw (38lbs)

    Metcon: Death by 30 meter sprints

    7 rounds + 7 Sprints

  12. Death by Wycoff

    Tabata sprints per CFE workout. Not sure how far we went, but I got slower with shorter distance as the hill got steeper. Grrrr...

    Thanks Erica, not sure I would have been motivated if you weren't there!

  13. SWOD: Chin up negatives
    Metcon: 12 rounds