Thursday 1.06.11

The Hollow Body position is also useful for push ups, as it keeps the spine more aligned than an arched back and creates a more solid midsection.

SWOD: Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Metcon: “Karen”
150 Wall Ball for time

Compare to 8.12.10.

Post times and weights to comments.  cc


  1. Run 800m x 4 w/3:00 min rest in between


  2. I had the gym to myslef at 9:30! I guess everyone doing the CFE WOD today.

    Warm Up:
    - Box Jump pratice. i can get up to the 29" box without knee pain.
    - 10 forward rolls.
    - 10 backward rolls. I really suck at these.
    - 10 free handstands to forward rolls. Held a few handstands for a few seconds. (PR Steffanie?)

    CFE WOD:
    5 x 3:00 rounds of:
    - Rower sprints for 30 calories
    - Rest for the remainder of the 3:00 round.

    I covered 1735m in this time.

  3. So today's METCON was the 5 mile walk with a 35LB pack, boots, hilly terrian. last week I didn't post but my time was 59:42 and was the fastest in our group by 2 minutes. Our group consist of 8. My goal this week was to push everyone to finish in under 75 minutes (1Hr/15Min)... So my time this week was 70 minutes 26 seconds. It was over 6 minutes faster than last weeks time for the two slow ones. I call them the two guys who could not walk away from the last cookie.

  4. No Brad, "karen" is keeping them away! Let's see who shows up tonight! I have to be there from 5-8p people..dont leave me hanging!!!!

  5. CFE WOD #2 at Al Patch Park
    4x800 meters

    Didn't keep track of all rounds, chatted and shared a watch so we lost track but, fastest was 4:56(last 800) and slowest was 5:09(first 800)
    Not great but not too bad for somebody that hasn't really run in over a year and a half.Glad it's over.

  6. SWOD: Split jerk: 75lbs
    CFE: WOD #2 at Compounnd 4 x 800m (i think it was shorter, we ran from gym to quinn road and back)
    3:11, 3:15, 3:22, 3:28

    For once I was happy to run instead of doing 150 wall balls today! OUCH

  7. I did not realize so many people did not enjoy thowing a ball against the wall. That is how you played catch by yourself when all your friends ditched you because they had to go in for dinner and your mom locked you out of the house......sorry, got lost in a memory there.

  8. SWOD 135,155,185,205,225 FL, 225, 245
    METCON 11:40 RXD

  9. SWOD: 135,155,185,205,225,245
    Karen: rx'ed @13:26 that was fun. Not!

  10. CFE Wod #2
    great warm up by the way..

  11. SWOD: 145,155,165,175,185,195,205(2x fail)

    Metcon: 7:08 Rx'd. I BEAT CRAIG. Time to retire from CrossFit!

  12. I was just kidding, Brad. Just checking to see if anyone actually reads my comments:) Did you see my PR?

  13. I did, nice work!. I was impressed until I saw your comments, which were neither rad nor fresh.

  14. CFE WOD #2: warm up
    4 x 800 m sprints
    best- 3:56 (4th rnd)
    slowest - 4:08 (2nd rnd)

  15. SWOD: 95-105-115-125-135#PR
    Metcon Karen 17:02 75-20# 75-14#
    That picture of my pushup today is me with my current hip extension range. I wasn't trying for a hollow body.