Friday 1.07.11

In the Deadlift, keep the bar in contact with your body during the whole lift, rolling the bar over your shins & thighs. The closer the bar to you, the less stress on your lower back & the more weight you can lift. The Deadlift ends when your knees & hips are locked, but lower back is not hyper-extended.
SWOD: Hollow Rock, accumulate 3 min.

Metcon: “Diane”
-Deadlift @ 225/ 155 #
-Handstand Push Ups

For the SWOD, partner up and help each other accumulate the time and keep good form.  Make sure you take time after the hollow rocks to incrementally warm up you deadlifts and overhead pressing positions.

For the metcon, compare to 8.09.10.

Post times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD: hollow rocks total 3 min

    Metcon: DL @ 155, HSPU to 2 ab mats- 9:59

  2. SWOD: Hollow Rock total 3 min. with 2 stops
    Swod: deadlift @ 225#, HSPU no mats, Time 9:13

  3. SWOD= 3 mins
    METCON= 1545 , 1 mat

    Have a good weekend everybody!

  4. SWOD: 3min of hollow rocks

    METCON: DL@225# / HSPU to 2 AbMats...11:59

  5. SWOD: 3 min hollow rock. Best was :58 s before arching back too much.

    Metcon: 4 x 800 m runs
    Best-3:09 (rd.1&2)
    Worst-3:15 (rd.3&4)

    Sorry AM crew for yesterday. I gave you the wrong marker to run to on your 800s. It won't happen again.

  6. Sorry Criag but I read the workout wrong again. That makes three times this week.

    SWOD: Deadlifts 3x3x5@ 255LBS
    METCON: 20 minutes of:
    25 Sit-ups
    15 Air Squats
    10 Push-ups
    Completed 9 sets and 3 sit-ups.

  7. Hey where was everybody ?

    CFE 4x800m runs 3:33,3:25,3:32,3:43

    SWOD 3:00 Hollow Rocks

    Metcon: 10:02 @ 200#, 2 Abmats (cheated should've used one)
    Five for five this week, skiing tmrow,
    hope I can move !!

  8. Starting Strength WOD:
    - Deadlift: 440x 1, 396x 3, 352x 5
    - Shoulder Press: 185x 2, 170x 4, 155x 6
    - Pull Ups: +50x 3, +25x 5
    - SWAT Op Gone Bad: 299. The knee is starting to feel better, but this score was 81 shy of my last score on this one. Stupid injuries.

  9. METCON: "Diane" 11:00, 155#, 2 abmats

  10. Metcon: 13:03 w/155# and modified HSPUs

  11. Metcon: "Diane" RX'd in 15:24.

    This was one of the first WODs I did at the Compound back in August. I had to do 185lb on the deadlifts because my form was so bad, and I hit complete muscle failure on the HSPU and hand to continue with handstand holds. I may have come in last today, but getting through this WOD rx'd was a big thing for me. What a difference 5 months at The Compound makes!

  12. "Diane" 8:14
    155# DL, HSPU's w 2 abmats

    Good job Ryan!