Thursday 1.20.11

FPD SWAT Training yesterday.  One of the many uses of "functional fitness".  This picture does not do justice to how high it felt at the top!

Warm Up:
- 4 Rounds of 10m of Burpee Broad Jumps.  Then,
- 20 Pull Ups

For the Burpee Broad Jumps, do a standard burpee then on the jump rather than jumping up, jump forward as far as you can.  Keep going for as many reps as it takes to reach 10m.  Walk back to the starting line and go again 4 times.  Then do 20 pull ups any way you want (kipping, butterfly, strict, bands, jumping, chin ups, rings, have many options).

Weighted Ring Push Ups 5rm.  Do 5 reps unweighted, then as you go up in weight have partners stack bumper plates on your back until you can no longer complete 5 reps.  Scaling options for this are weighted regular push ups, or practice push ups.  If you choose to practice regular push ups, do something to make them more difficult than normal.  Go chest to floor, keep your elbows in, maintain a tighter plank position, etc.  Challenge yourself, don't just do the reps.

In 4:00 perform the following, then repeat 4 times:
- Run 400m or Row 500m for the CFE people
- Max Push Ups for the remainder of the 4:00.  Round 2 do squats, Round 3 is push ups again, round 4 is squats.  Score is total push ups and squats.  For those doing the CFE program, substitute a 500m row for the 400m runs.

Post weights and metcon scores to the comments section!  bc


  1. Swod: practiced pushups with elbows in
    Metcon: rd 1 20 p/u
    rd 2 30 squats
    rd 3 15 p/u 5 w/ elbows in modified
    rd 4 40 squats
    Total 105

  2. Today was the weekly Ruck march. I was busy pushing the cookie eater so my time was 5 miles in 1Hr, 2 minutes and 38 Seconds. Now the positive part is my cookie eater were 8 minutes faster than two weeks ago.

  3. Weigted Ring PU 85#
    Metcon: 199 reps

  4. SWOD: Ring push up practice
    Metcon: 35+50+29+50=164

  5. swod: ring pushups 5xBW +15 +25 +35 +45 ...yikes!
    metcon: row 500m 32,56,31,57 / 176

  6. 90 lb weighted ring pus

    173 reps on metcon

  7. Zumba class :)

    CFE #1: Tabata sprints @ 12% incline on treadmill @ Gold's Gym. Got a few stares from people who took the time to look up from their magazine articles. Kind of felt like I was the noisy person in the library.

  8. SWOD: 115# weighted ring push up x 5

  9. Holly,I bet all those cardio people were thinkin,"how is she gonna read at that pace?"

    CFE WOD #2: 3x 7:00min
    Did this at track with Kim.
    1st interval: 3 laps
    2nd: 3 laps + 50-100 meters
    3rd: 3 laps + 50-100meters
    Felt stronger as we went on. My lap times are getting faster every week. Thanks for stickin by my side Kim. I know you are faster than me and soon you wont be holdin back!