Tuesday 1.11.11

John and Steve gettin' after it on the rowers!

SWOD: Tabata Row (score is calories burned)

Metcon: 5 rounds for time

-5 Dead Lifts (65% of 1 rep max)

-10 Box Jumps (30”, 24”)

-15 Sit Ups (scale up to GHD)

For the SWOD, make sure that the chain is staying as flat as possible; not bouncing around. Also keep a tight core, allow your legs to do most of the work, and your back, shoulders & arms to finish the pull in that order. As you return the handle back to the starting position, make sure you reverse the pulling order - arms, shoulders, back, then legs.


  1. SWOD Tabata rows 39 cal
    WOD 8:01
    5 deadlift 125 lbs
    10 20 in box subbed step ups for jumps due to shin splints
    15 Abmat sit-ups

  2. Tabata rows: 50 calories
    Metcon: 5 rounds of
    5 deadlifts 65% 1rm (150#)
    10 box jumps (24 in)
    15 sit ups (abmat)

  3. SWOD: row was 62 cal (7.75 ave)

    Metcon: 8:54 @225 dl...sub pushups for box jumps

  4. CFE WOD #1: 4x5:00min w/ 3:00 rest between ea. round.
    1st- about 850m
    2nd-about 900m+
    3rd-about 850m
    4th- over 925m (approx)
    Every time i went at least a little more than two laps. That felt really good today. Worked alot on Pose running and tried to keep form . Pulled my calf at one point(during "sprint" warm ups) so i know i wasnt doing it right then..still learning.

  5. WOW my cal burn was dismal, only 49 cal.

    Metcon: 195#, only did a 24" box jump. unfortunately a certain coach turned off the timer so in my head i was finished in 5 min. But in reality it was closer to 10 min. Darn

  6. Did yesterdays SWOD in PM: Clean & Jerk
    1rm=115 (power-not quite full squat )
    1rm=105 ASS TO ANKLE (very happy)

  7. SWOD 64 CALS
    METCON 275 LBS 9:40

  8. Gymnastics WOD:
    - 5 Bar Dips to Upper Arm Support
    - 10 Rolls to Candlestick
    - 10 Kick to Free Handstands (kind of)
    - 10 Rolls to Candlestick with Hands Down
    - 5 Bar Dips to Upper Arm Support
    - 3x5 each of Front Uprises and Back Uprises

    Skipped the CFE work trying to see if I can recover from this chest cold I've had for over a week now.

  9. SWOD: 47 cals
    Metcon: 9:29 135# DLs, 16" box; 3 sets of GHD/2 sets of ab mat situps

  10. Active recovery...... SKIING!

  11. SWOD: 64 cal on rower

    METCON: 335# deadlift @ 11:09 RX'D

  12. SWOD: 59 cal on rower. Darn goal was 60!
    Metcon: 8:31 w/ 145#deadlift and 16in box jump

  13. Swod: soccer game
    Metcon: 12:00 DL #160/20" box/GHD sit ups