Wednesday 1.26.11

I don't think he's going to save this lift...
Warm Up: 2:00 each exercise:
-Push Ups
-GHD Sit Ups
-Jump rope (doubles or singles, skips, criss-cross apple sauce, double dutch, put a rhyme with it if you like)

SWOD: Bench Press. 3 RM for the day.

Metcon: 5 rounds:
-7 Wall Climbs (push up walk to handstand)
-10 Toes to Bars
-15 Box Jumps (24”/ 20”)

For the wall climbs, start with your toes and chest on the floor, feet against the wall. Walk your feet up the wall until your chest touches the wall in a handstand position. Then descend back to the original position. 

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. I'll be boycotting The Compound on Wednesday for that cheap shot.

  2. Its a cool action shot! And i can't even tell who it is...

  3. Bench Press- 95lb - 3rm

    METCON- 23:35

  4. Bench Press: 75 x 3; 85 x 1
    METCON: 3 rounds + 7 wall climbs 21:30

    That was brutal!

  5. SWOD: 295 x 3, 305 x 2
    Metcon: 19:27

  6. SWOD: 65x3, 70x1
    Metchon: 5 rounds 22:20

  7. Ryan not to worry I thought it was Larry.
    Strict Presses 3-3-3-3-3 @ 105Lbs

    METCON: 7 rounds at 24:40 and I'm not sure I'll can workout tomorrow. That was rough.

  8. SWOD: 50x3
    Metcon: 4 rounds + 7 wall climbs 20:00
    Walked halfway up for the wall climbs and did knees up on the bar.

  9. SWOD 285 X 3RM

  10. SWOD 160#x3

    CFE#2 2x12min
    (1x7 wall climbs for fun)

  11. Did yesterdays WOD:
    30 cal row: 1:34@ 7 damper setting..
    (no juice,shouldve warmed up first)

    Then did tonights warm up

    Kettlebell hell: 20/25 swings w/35lb
    Didn't do penalties(my goal was 20 swings w heavy weight) but instead conquered the wall climbs!!! So pumped to get over my fear of being upside down and even got chest to wall!!!

  12. Craig, my ribs, arms, and abs are already getting sore from those wall climbs! And I only did 4 sets of those! Yikes!

  13. SWOD: 85#
    Metcon: 23:10 but majorly scaled...16" box, wall climb just above the blue stripe and messy KTEs. Rough day 3 workout--ready for a rest day!

  14. Swod 225x3 failed at 230

    Metcon: 24:48 rxd... Well i touched my stomach on some.

  15. SWOD: 85#x3, 90#x1
    Metcon: 25:52 Wow. That was a WOD from hell! I have newfound respect for all of you in the morning class that I coached through this workout without having done it first. I knew you were awesome, but now I know just how awesome!

  16. Swod:75x3, 80x1 (narrow grip)
    Metcon: 29:28 rx'd wall climbs (messy descent on later rounds)20" box, modified T2B/K2E.
    Thanks, Greg, for not making me stop at 20 or 25 mins (whatever the cap was). And thanks for the push and the tips to get it done.

  17. SWOD: 215 x3 fail#2 at 225
    Metcon: 20:01 brutal but different and different is good.

  18. CFE 6x 400 m sprint
    rnd 1-4 @ 1:44, 5-6 @ 1:49

    Also, yesterdays SWOD : kettlebell swings (10 min 1min on/off for 30 swings) @ 30#
    (didn't rest the 3 hours, oops, and was a bit pooped)