Tuesday 1.25.11

Doc John reminding us in this Public Service Announcement to drink enough water before and after your workout
 Warm Up:  3 rounds
-8 Pistols (with a partner)
-8 Muscle Up practice
-8 V-Ups
-8 Hip Extensions

SWOD:  Row for 30 calories.  Who can complete the task in the fastest time?

Metcon: One Minute On...One Minute Off...for 10 minutes.
-30 KB Swings -(weight is heavier than you used last time, unless you topped out at 62#)

*You have 1 minute to get 30 KB swings. If you do not get 30 KB Swings in 1 minute, count a penalty.
*Perform this workout one minute on and one minute off. Total time is 10 minutes.
*For every penalty counted, perform a 1000 meter row.  Good thing we warmed up for it in the SWOD.

For the KB Swings, you will struggle to complete the reps in the time limit if you simply raise the KB above your head and let gravity pull it down.  Instead, once you reach the top of the range of motion, pull the the KB quickly back down to the starting position, keeping a tight midsection, so you don't pull your chest down or your body forward.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. Metcon: 62# KB, finished all rounds with 30 reps

  2. SWOD: 2:12 row (burn 30 calories)
    Metcon: 35#'s (3 rds) 27# (2 rds)

    I earned 1 penalty that I deffered to the hubby. So Kenny owes Craig 1000m row. I told him this morning and he said that it is okay as long as I was trying my hardest. Awwww what a nice guy!

  3. CFE#1
    (6) 400m sprints:
    (1) 1:43
    (2) 1:48
    (3) 1:39
    (4) 1:41
    (5) 1:44
    (6) 1:42

  4. I don't know where I found this workout but I think it is part Monday and part CFFB.

    SWOD: Front Squats
    3-3-3-3-3 @ 165 Lbs
    METCON: 12 minutes of:
    220 Meter Sprint
    25 Air Squats
    For a total of 6 rounds, I was within about 75ft of completing the 7th round.

  5. Got a Muscle Up
    SWOD 1:20
    Metcon 3x44#,2x35#
    2000m Penalty Rows

  6. CFE WOD #1
    6x400meter sprints
    1) 1:57
    3) 1:56
    4) 1:55
    5) 1:57
    6) 1:59
    Did this solo at 730a at Al Patch w less than 2 hours of sleep..uggg. Missed my running partner Kim!!!

  7. "played around" with tires, sled, sledge and other stuff before doing metcon - 1 round with 53lb kb and the rest with 44lb kb. 2000k penalty...i sucked!
    didnt go for time on the 1k swod, just worked form

  8. SWOD: 30cal row :53

    METCON: @62#s 4 rounds + 24 reps 5th round / 1x1000m row

  9. SWOD: 30 cal row--1:49
    Metcon: One Minute On...One Minute Off...for 10 minutes.
    -30 KB Swings -- 3 rds @ 35#, 2 rds @ 26#; gave myself 1000 m penalty for going down in weight--would have failed at least one round if not...

  10. SWOD: 54 sec.

    Metcon: 62#, 2 Rounds rx +23,23,20. 3000m row as a penalty.

  11. SWOD: 30 calorie row 1:40
    Metcon: 35# kb, 1 penalty (800m row)

  12. Metcon 62lb kb 1 round penalty

  13. Warm up/Swod: soccer
    Metcon; #35 no penalties

  14. SWOD: 30 cal row in 1:20 with damper set at 10
    Metcon: 35# kb with 1 penalty, 1000m row