Monday 2.28.11

Holly utilizing the Spanish Wrap to get up and down the rope during last week's rope climb WOD.

Warm Up: The Compound Warm Up
In case anyone has forgotten, The Compound Warm Up is a squat movement, a push, a pull, a hip/back extension, and a trunk flexion movement.   These are done as one big circuit, and usually for like 3 sets of 5-15 reps per movement.  This is the time to make sure you're getting good squat depth, to perfect those push ups, practice your pull ups, and engage your mid line for optimal stability during the WOD.  This is a warm up that can and should be done on most of your training days.  Imagine how good our pull ups would be as a gym if we routinely did them like this in a warm up!

SWOD:  Back Squat 5x3 @ 80% of 1rm.
This is 5 sets of three reps at the same weight.  So do a few warm up sets to get up to your working weight, rather than just jumping right in to your work sets.  Take a good 2:00-3:00 of rest between sets.  It would be wise to warm up your box jump in between sets in order to establish the right box height for the metcon.

Metcon: Complete 3 rounds for time:
1 Box Jump (A few inches shy of highest possible)
1 Pull Up @ 50% of 1RM Pull Up, or CTB with a 5 second hold at the top
1 Box Jump (A few inches shy of highest possible)
3 Pull Ups @ 50% of 1RM Pull Up, or CTB with a 5 second hold at the top
1 Box Jump (A few inches shy of highest possible)
5 Pull Ups @ 50% of 1RM Pull Up, or CTB with a 5 second hold at the top

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1(did a lot of back squats last week, still feeling it)
    290-3310-330-350 x 1, 350 (again) x 0

    Metcon: 38.5" Box and 50# Pull Ups (strict, no chin ups)- 14:23

    Took a while for my shoulder to get warmed up.

  2. SWOD: Back Squat 105lb 5x3
    Metcon: 5:27 24/26" box jumps and pull ups with band

    Thanks for the tips and new band technique for pull ups Craig!

  3. This stinks, second week of being sick. Hopefully tonight is the last night. I really miss working out.

  4. Knee Rehab Strength WOD:
    - Back Squat: 335x1, 302x3, 268x5
    - Barbell Rows: 250x4, 225x6, 200x8
    - Bench Press: 300x3, 270x6, 240x8
    - Tabata Row: 131m per round average

  5. CFE WOD(due last week)
    Long Run 10.5mi

  6. back squat: 170 5x3
    metcon: 11:01 weighted pullups +20 lbs./ 32 inch box

  7. SWOD: 320# 5 sets of 3 reps
    METCON: 35# 1st round, 30# last 2 rounds, 36.5 inch box 8:48

  8. SWOD: 255# Back Squat 5x3
    Handstand/Elevated Push-ups (no pull-ups due to injury)
    34" box jump
    Wearing 25# vest for both

  9. SWOD: 105# BS --ended up being a 3RM rather than 5x3

    Metcon: Green band "wrap" pull ups and 20" box--didn't record time; pull-ups were tough!

  10. Strength Building Day:

    Back Squat: 240x3x5
    Bench Press: 172x3x5
    Ring Dips: Max Reps x3 - 8,8,6

  11. Back squat 105 at my 80%5x3
    Pull ups with 10lbs 24 in box!

  12. SWOD: back squat 205 3x5

    MetC: 7min

  13. SWOD: don't remember
    Metcon: 8:30 vertical jump no boxes for me :)