Saturday 2.05.11

Newcomers Jon and Alex getting warmed up at 5 am
Warm Up: 10 Banded Sprints

Metcon: 10 rounds For Time
- 10 One Arm KB Swings (heaviest possible)
- 10 Sit Ups (scale up to GHD)
- 10 Pull Ups
- 10 Squats
- 10 Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (65, 45)
- 40yrd side shuffle (20yrds up and back)


  1. SWOD: 10 resisted runs

    Metcon: 34:00 RX, 53# kb.

  2. w/u Banded sprints ..toast after those thing's!
    Metcon: 35:49 35# kb So who is responsible for that wod...just curious.

  3. Metcon: 8 rds 32:17 26# kb, GHD sit ups

    Killer workout! Great job 8am class. I wish I could have stayed for all 10 rds but I had to leave at 9.

  4. Sorry I missed it! Been out of play for almost 2 weeks due to an extremely demanding schedule. But my class ends Monday and I am off for a week before starting my new class, so I hope to be back on track this week for the 5am class. Missing CF most definitely and my body is telling me so......

  5. Brutal Work-Out!

    10 Band Sprints

    Metcon: 41:08 Started with 35b KB for 4 rounds, then my left shoulder hurt switched to 26lb x 2 rds, then shoulder still hurt switched to 2 hands @ 26 lb.

  6. Metcon: 40:07 #35 KB, abmat, jumping pull ups (horrible)