Sunday 2.20.11

Work Day:

The work day went great yesterday, all the mat's tripping hazards have been removed and it should be a permanent fix.  We had more help show up than we expected and got the mats repositioned so quickly we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves!   Thanks again to Doug, Matt, Dani, Bob, Holly, and Greg.

Now some housekeeping things in to keep in order.  Most of us are pretty good about cleaning up after ourselves after a workout session, but still some people get rushed off to work or home and forget to put away the equipment.  Please help us to keep order in the gym by putting things back where they belong.

The bumper plates and metal plates go back on their racks, carts, or under the sign and whiteboard along the wall.

The bars either remain on a rack or return them to the barbell stand along the wall.

The boxes, wall balls, kettlebells, and other misc. items stack in their various groups just off the mats on the wall with the Wall Ball Targets.

Rather than hanging from the pull up bars all the time, the bands are now stored on the post next to the structure facing the platforms.

The fire extinguisher is stored at the bottom of the post just under the bands, so please put any fires out before Steve and his buddies cite us for anything.

The jump ropes have been moved from the cabinet and are now hanging on the same post opposite the bands.  When returning the jump ropes please hang them across both hooks, so a crease does not in the middle of the rope.  That was Greg's idea, not Kyle's.

So I hope you enjoy the facility.  We are always trying to improve it more and more each day to make it the best strength and conditioning gym in the area.  cc 


  1. Strength WOD:
    - Power Clean: 245x1, 196x 3,3,3
    - Push Press: 230x4, 207x6, 184x8
    - Chin Ups: +55x4, +27.5x6, Unweighted x8 (as many as possible were strict chest to bar)

  2. CFE WOD #3- 75min of running
    Dani and I completed very close to if not 8 miles today. Thats what said it was anyways. Thanks dani for getting me through another long one.
    Did only 2 rounds of recovery WOD after..i was toast and my body felt like jelly.

  3. Strength WOD:

    25 HSPU (took me six sets with 2 min rest between each)


    5 rounds for time of:

    Overhead Walking Lunge w/ 45# barbell, 50 ft.
    21 Sandbag Clean and Press, 50# Sandbag