Tuesday 2.15.11

A new tool at the gym, thanks a bunch to Doug! Now don't everyone run to pick up the 2 Pood Kettlebell (70 lbs) all at once!
Warm up: Coaches choice, focus on balance and overhead squat

SWOD: Snatch balance, 1 rep max.

Metcon: A partner workout, As many rounds in 20:00:
-200m row
-Cross the balance beam with Wall Ball one hand (20/ 14 #)
-1 rope climb 15 ft
-Cross balance beam  w/ Wall Ball again
*next person goes- Count total row distance per team.

**If solo, double the row distance (at any point in the round), then rest the amount of time it takes you to complete one round.  Continue alternating work/ rest for entire 20:00

***10 push-up penalty for falling off the beam

Balance is also another often overlooked facet of fitness, except in certain fields like gymnastics and others of obvious nature.   Balance is defined as the ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.  It's obvious to see the carry over from the gym to the real world in improving your balance.  A simple trip over the curb can result in a broken arm, bruised hip, etc.  Generally as we age, balance quickly deteriorates.  But if we work on it as an aspect of fitness, its possible to regain and even improve on balance we once had.  cc


  1. SWOD- snatch balance (practice for me)

    METCON- 20:00 w/partner
    balance beam-10lb medicine ball
    15ft rope climb

    Danyel/Kate- 1837

  2. SWOD: 65x1, failed twice at 70lbs and I failed by dropping it on my head!
    Metcon: 1837 w/ Kate and doing that modified rope exercise (don't know what it is called)

    Last time I did the snatch balance I did 45lbs so I am excited about the SWOD today, AND my head doesn't hurt at all. :)

  3. Ive been off the last 4 days , nursing some shoulder pain.Think i may just be running this week.

    400m run
    200m sprint X 4 rest as needed between sets
    50m sprint X 4 rest as needed between sets
    400m run

  4. SWOD 85# SNBAL
    Metcon Mike and Larry 2220meters Rx

  5. Did a make-up WOD today at home:
    Double under/Sit-ups
    14:00 rx'd

  6. swod: 115# SB getting more confident going under the weight.
    metcon; 1600m. Nice job Maureen !!
    got some kb swings in during w/u....yikes!

  7. Shana/Jennifer
    SWOD: 35#\ practice
    Metcon: 1600m

  8. SWOD: 60#; shoulder started acting funny when I attempted 65# so I called it
    Metcon: 1600m w/1 penalty; thanks Doug! For the record, Greg, the mean trainer ;) made us cross the balance beam going forward, backward and then forward again.

  9. SWOD: Hang Power Cleans 5x5 @ 155#


    10 minutes of: 15 seconds of work, 45 seconds rest

    Max thrusters @ 135#

    35 Total Thrusters in 10 minutes.