Wednesday 2.16.11

For the SWOD, ask Jamie, she'll move the tires for you.  This is Jamie lifting Tire # 3 (200+ lbs).  This was after she already lifted it 3 times and we made her do it again for the video!

Warm Up:  Burgener Warm Up, Clean style

SWOD: Sledge hammer practice: 20 both, 20 left hand, 20 right hand. Must cover white dot. Accuracy counts, before speed or intensity. If you miss the white dot, you must keep going. Partner will count for you.

Metcon:  "Rolling Thruster"
30 reps for time:
135/95 lb Barbell Ab Rollout, followed by a Full Squat Clean, into a Thruster with hands on bar entire rep.

You can see a demonstration of this workout at this link.

During the SWOD, we are working Accuracy again (make up for Monday!).  During the Metcon, we are working on several general physical skills; power, strength, speed, coordination.  Not the least of these is also Agility, defined as the ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.  We are moving between three different distinct exercises across two planes.  The barbell is moving from a full overhead position on the horizontal plane, to a full overhead position on the vertical plane.

Post times and weights to comments.  cc


  1. SWOD. sledgehammer 20 each side. I liked it
    WOD. rolling thruster 75 lbs 12:17. I did not like this so much

  2. CFE #4 WOD
    4x800 meters

  3. 1600m run
    1200m run
    800m run
    400m run
    not timed ..i fogot my timer at home

  4. Metcon: 7:52 @ 65....did 10 more @75. 65 was too light or I can't count but probably both. I swear I counted right...

  5. SWOD: Sledge hammer drives on tires w/ 13lb and 6lb

    Metcon: 11:39 @ roll outs were more like roll out floppies..literally flopped all the way down to floor and had to scrape myself up. fun wod but hella hard!

  6. swod: beat the snot out of a tire!
    metcon: 12:09 @ 95#

  7. Rolling thrusters 65lbs in 10:40
    Next time I will do 75lbs and go faster! I really enjoy jumping to the bar, I think its the sound my feet make when I land!!!

  8. Sledge hammer 20 each side.
    Deadlifted today, only got 315# still 20# short of my previous PR.

  9. Home WOD:

    "The Chief"

    5 three minute rounds of:

    3 Power Cleans @ 135
    6 pushups
    9 Squats

    One minute rest between rounds.

    19 rounds + 4 squats