Saturday 3.05.11

 Bob Kalsu was a professional football player and American war hero.  This WOD was dedicated to him on the CrossFit Football site.
Warm Up: Coach's Choice

Metcon:  "Kalsu" (Light)
On the minute perform 5 burpees and max rep thrusters (95/65) until the minute runs out.  At the start of the next minute, drop the bar and perform 5 burpees.  Then do as many thrusters as possible until the next minute.  Continue this until 100 thrusters are completed or the 30:00 time limit is reached, whichever comes first.

The original Kalsu WOD calls for 135/85 as the rx'd weights.  If you're feeling strong, you can give those weights a go!
Post times to the comments section!  bc


  1. All by my loneome at 8a but did half this wod@ 65lbs then
    the CFE WOD #2 on rower
    8 min/ 3 min rest x3= 5,916 meters in 30min

    awesome job 9a class! you all seriously rocked this crazy hard core WOD!!! so proud of you all.

  2. Metcon: 17:51 @95
    Holy @#$@%!!!!

  3. metcon: 21:49 @75# thrusters
    18 rnds x5 burpees(90)
    rnd 12 1min. rest /rnd 14 2 min. rest/ rnd 16 1 min. rest

  4. Here is my Kalsue story...

    Started at 65#; made it through the first 4-5 rounds when I dropped to 55#s; still could only fit in 1 thruster per round so I dropped to 3 burpees per round. Found good pace w/3 burpees and ~3 thrusters per minute.

    71 thrusters at 30 minute time limit. One of the toughest WODs ever!

  5. Used the whole 30. 85 reps at 95lbs

    I second Greg's "Holly @#$%)