Saturday 3.12.11

On the Box Jump, land firmly on the foot with your heels down.  Then extend you hips fully above the box before descending
Warm Up: Coaches Choice

SWOD: review of exercises

Metcon: "Kelly"
5 rounds for time of:
-Run 400 meters
-30 Box Jump, 24 inch box
-30 Wall Ball shots, 20 lbs ball to 10' target

Post times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD:
    Bench - 177x3x5
    (Extra weight is really helping my lifts)

    27:59 RX'd, 29 sec slower than last time!
    (Extra weight is killing my metcons)

  2. Knee Rehab Strength WOD:
    - Deadlift: 475x1, 437x3, 388x5 (i was supposed to get 485x1 today but I made a plate loading error and accidentally only did 475)
    - Weighted Dips: +95x4, +86x6, +76x8
    - Supinated Rows: 255x4, 230x6, 205x8

    The gym

  3. AW Dangit! I missed Kelly again!

    Danyel is helping to get me more motivated and get on a regular schedule.......I need to be more consistent....