Thursday 3.03.11

 This illustrates the importance of a spotter while benching.  Even with a spotter, stuff can still go wrong.  Spot each other, and wrap your thumbs around the bar!  There's nothing like taking 300 lbs to the neck to start your day off on the wrong foot.

Warm Up: Coach's Choice

SWOD: Bench Press 5rm, 90% of 5rm for max reps, 80% of 5rm for max reps

Again, you should be able to get 2 reps more as you drop 10%, but go for more if you can!

Metcon: Complete 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:
- CTB Chin Ups
- Ring Push Ups

 Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. Yikes, I knew that clip was going to be bad and yet I watched it anyway! OUCH!!!

  2. SWOD: 5 reps @ 55#, 7 reps @ 50#, 10 reps @ 45#
    Metcon: 5 am class didn't track their time

  3. Yea I want to bench press now!!!

  4. SWOD: 70x3,65x5,60x8,55x10
    Metcon: jumping pull ups and knees for ring push ups

    We couldn't get timer dialed in so we just started anyway. Class was super fun this morning!

  5. CFE WOD#2
    SWOD Snatchgrip DL

  6. SWOD: 75# x 5 65# x5 55# x 5

    WOD: 13:00 kipping chin ups, ring push ups on knees

  7. swod:95,115,135,145, (160x5 but three were with a little help from R.S.)
    metcon: 12:24 only a few chest to bar..most an ugly kipping chinup to hell. those hurt and Im hungry..

  8. SWOD: 195x5, 176.5x7, 156x10

    MetCon:8:57 RX

    Post WOD Snack: "The Worlds Best Meal"

  9. SWOD: 300x5,275x6,235x7
    METCON: 11:13 RX'D

  10. SWOD 125#x5, 115#x6, 100#x8
    Metcon 19:51 w/ Ring Pull Ups

  11. Fun to be with 5am crew this morning even if we did have a malfunctioning not just me but the actual timer =)

    SWOD: 95#5rm, 85#x8, 75#x13
    Metcon: 10:29,Jump C2B,Knee ring push ups

    That smoked me..thanks for making me do it Kyle cuz I wouldn't have if you didnt make me =)

  12. 225x5, 205x6,180x 9

    8:52as rxd

  13. 1 rep max 105

    85# x 5

    77# x 11

    68# x 16

    METCON: 17:12