Wednesday 3.09.11

Paul and Maureen demonstrating one resting position
Warm Up: Coaches Choice

SWOD: Pistol Practice

Metcon: “Barbara”
5 rounds:
-20 Pull Ups
-30 Push Ups
-40 Sit Ups
-50 Squats

*3 minutes rest between each of 5 rounds.
**30 minute time limit (time includes breaks)

There are many different positions you can take to "recover" during the 3 minute break.  During recovery time you should be trying to get more oxygen back.  Experiment with different positions, seated, lying down, hands above head, talking with your workout partners about the cute new shoes you just cetera.

Post times to comments. cc


  1. 2 rounds + 26 sit-ups. Humbling workout!

  2. Metcon: 8 squats away from finishing my 3rd round.

    A long way from my first day at the Compound and barely doing 6 sit ups. Thanks Craig for reminding me of how far I've come!

  3. Metcon: 4 rounds (one round of ring rows)
    weak bf pullups in 16:54

  4. Metcon: 3 rounds + 8 blue banded pullups.

  5. Rest day for me.
    Ran 4 laps around the parking lot.
    Stretched a lot, which I definitely needed.

  6. 3 rounds + 15 push-ups @30:00
    Sub'd back extensions for pull-ups and did push-ups on 20" box due to shoulder injury.

  7. pistol squats x6 each leg, and some flop back into hollow rocks then back up to a momentum driven pistol squat..yikes!

    4 rounds +20 kipping p/u +4 push up 30:00

  8. Swod: 4 unassisted pistol squats but only on my right leg ;)
    Metcon: 3 rds + 9 kipping pull ups

    That was a tough day three!!

  9. Swod: unassisted pistols on right. Need a lot of work on left

    Wod: barbara

    3 rounds + 5 pushups and 2 hand tears and a blood blister to prove it

  10. No pistol squat yet... New goal i think.

    3 rnds and 40 sus in 30 min.