Saturday 4.2.11

These are all injuries from not activating your shoulder.

Warm Up: Coach’s Choice

SWOD: "The CrossFit Total"

3 Attempts for a 1 rep max of each:
- Back Squat
- Shoulder Press
- Deadlift

Make sure that you warm up to a sweat. Get all the blood flowing and joints loose. Start with light weight for each technique and then get after a new PR!


  1. Will we be allowed to make up this WOD sometime next week?
    I wont be able to make it due to work this weekend

  2. No.

    Call in sick and when they look on our website and see you were fakin..tell them " you only wish you were the belt champion of the compound, now quit hatin and get outta my way!"

    Ya , do that!

  3. Good thinking Erica, Ive always wanted to be a S.A.D. (stay at home dad), which is what I would be when I get fired

  4. CF Open Week #2
    7 rounds +2 dl
    ya' got me this week Mike C. by 12 reps.

  5. Compound Total
    DL 260#
    SP 120#
    BS 225#
    That may be a first Doug, but I think you beat me in the Tequila WOD...all that really matters is that were doin it...

  6. Morning PT on base: ~2 mile run w/exercises ~every 400m

    Too tired/sore for CF Total...just did SP
    Shoulder Press: 72# (PR)

  7. Strength WOD:
    - Power Clean: 265x1, 212x 3,3,3
    - Supinated Row: 265x4, 240x6, 215x8
    - Bench Press: 310x4, 285x6, 255x8

    As a finisher I watched Holly, Craig, and Steffanie do the CF Games Open WOD #2. That made me tired and hungry. Great effort, guys!

  8. Back squat: 215 PR (1st time i wasnt told to stop and work on form)
    Shoulder press: 147 PR
    Deadlift: 305 PR

    667 total

  9. Back squat: 115#
    Shoulder press: 85# PR - Seemed like I was stuck at 78# FOREVER!!!
    Deadlift: 125#

    total: 425

  10. BS = 300 (thought it was a PR so I stopped, but actually down 10 from PR on 11/12)
    SP = 165 (same as 11/12)
    DL = 385 (PR = +10 lbs)

  11. CF Open Week #2
    AMRAP 15 minutes
    9 deadlifts @ 100#
    12 hand release push ups
    15 box jumps

    8 rounds, 8 DL

  12. Shoulder Press 127# PR
    Back Squat 195# PR
    DL 245#
    Total 567