Sunday 5.01.11

Celebrate the Little Achievements:

I was watching Tosh.0 the other day and I saw this video.  Hilarious, not the dancing per se, but the last shot of the video....

In the midst of the season of the CrossFit Games, that seems to go on a little too long, it's easy to get caught up in what the super fit (who have nothing else to do but get super fit) are doing.  The open competition, while fun to compare and compete with participant's scores all over the world, can often eclipse why we come to The Compound.  Competition with yourself, to better your own fitness is personal and should be more rewarding.

The gym as a whole is making lots of improvements.  It seems to be contagious, one person does something and then a whole bunch of others look at the achievement and decide they can do it.  In the last few weeks I've seen many of you with no pull ups get your first kipping pull up, some with kipping pull ups have gone strict or chest to bar, etc.  At not just for one rep either.

Cleans have gone up, girl workouts are getting faster or more RX'ed, people with bad backs or shoulders are focusing on what they can do instead of what they can't and still PR-ing.  Outside the gym, people are scoring goals or heading the ball on their soccer teams or running times have gotten faster with less running. 

I can't even think of anymore sitting here at work feeling a little under the weather, but I'm sure all of you know someone you work out with that has achieved something lately.  Share it with us, because it helps The Compound as a collective group to


  1. On Thursday I got to witness 1 RM BenchPress PR's by: Jenny, Doug, Jen H, and Greg. Great work everybody!!

  2. Strong is the new skinny, dont sure where I heard that but its happening at The Compound, off to run my dog's on a glorious morning in Nor Cal!

  3. I've seen several people PR lately, including first muscle ups! It is very encouraging.

    Silly sprint workouts and even crazier eating strategies do actually work. :) Thank you to everyone at The Compound for the encouragement!