Tuesday 4.05.11

At the Nutrishoppe grand opening
SWOD: On the minute for 15:00 - Pull Ups

Warm Up: Burgener W/U

Metcon: Three sets for max reps of:
-60 seconds of Hang Power Clean (elbows must come all the way around and hips must open fully at the top) -60 seconds of Front Squat
-60 seconds of Push Press
-60 seconds of Rest
(95/ 65#– light enough to make continuous motion a reasonable goal.)

For the SWOD volume training, on the minute complete up to only 2 pull ups (or a substitute you are working on), then you will rest for the remainder of the time.  The goal is to  work sub-maximally (not reaching muscle failure) and maintain no more than 2 reps from the first set to the last set.

Try to work on a variation of the pull up beyond what you normally do during a workout.  If you have kipping pull ups, try strict.  If you have strict, try weighted, chest to bar, or maintaining a hollow throughout the movement.  If you use a large band, try using a smaller.  If you do jumping pull ups, use a higher bar.  If you have to go to 1 rep a minute , that's not a problem.  Better to maintain the more difficult variation of the pull up, then to lower the skill just to get the reps.

Post reps to comments. cc


  1. METCON-
    maxx reps 9-13-10 @ 65lbs

  2. Metcon: 173 @95lbs (first cleans in 2 months of being injured)
    Strict muscle up style ring pullups

  3. SWOD: chest to ring pullups with false grip
    METCON: 127 @ 95#

  4. Strength WOD:
    - Power Snatch: 178x 3,3,3
    - Barbell Row: 270x4, 245x6, 225x8
    - Ring Dips: +50x4, +45x6, +40x5

    -Rack Pulls: 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3, 425x3

    (3) 300 yd shuttle runs, 5 min rest between runs: 57 sec, 59 sec, 61 sec

  6. SWOD: Strict pull-ups

    Metcon: 100 @ 65lbs

    Nice to be back :)

  7. SWOD: Strict weighted pullups 17.5#
    Metcon: 86@Rx

  8. Weighted pull ups with 35 lbs

    Swod: 91 reps with 95 lbs

  9. false grip chest to ring pullups..
    swod: 101 rx'd 95#

  10. SWOD: Strict w/blue band, negatives, etc.

    Metcon: ~71 Rx'd; estimated rounds since the morning classes were counting max reps

  11. SWOD: Kipping pull-ups until round 10, then "backpack" band pull ups
    Metcon: 117 rx'd

    CFE WOD: 3 Rounds: 100m, 200m, 400m
    Round 1: :20, :40, 1:40
    Round 2: :20, :47, 1:47
    Round 3: :21, :45, 1:54

  12. SWOD: red band pullups with knee, last five rounds with foot.
    Metcon: 132 rx'd (65#) 50,52,30

  13. SWOD: kipping pullups with less kip

    WOD: 154 35#