Tuesday 4.19.11

From left to right you see the bar at mid thigh, through the pull, to the receiving position in the front rack with a quarter squat.  Begin upright with "open" hips and end the same way, and that is the entire range of motion for a hang power clean.

SWOD: Hang Power Cleans:
- 3 reps on the minute for 12:00 at 75-85% of 1rm power clean (5 burpees after the metcon for every round not completed.

Metcon: AMRAP in 5:00 of: "The Bear" (Use 1/3 of your weight from the SWOD or an empty bar, whichever is higher)
One rep of The Bear is:
- Power Clean
- Front Squat
- Push Press
- Back Squat
- Behind the Neck Push Press

For the SWOD, after a good warm up, load 75-85% of your 1rm power clean on the bar.  Perform 3 hang power cleans every minute on the minute for 12:00, trying not to set the bar down between reps.  For every minute where 3 reps are not achieved, you will incur a 5-burpee penalty, to be paid at the end of the metcon.

In the metcon, do as many reps of "The Bear" as you can in 5:00 with 1/3 the weight you used on the SWOD.  If 1/3 for you is lower than the weight of an empty bar, just use the empty bar. The weight should be light and speed (while keeping your form) should be your goal.  Rest as needed, or not at all! 

Post weights and rounds completed to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 50# HPC
    Metcon: 15 rds w/ 35# bar

  2. SWOD: 6 rds @ 65lbs/6rds @ 70lbs
    Metcon: 16 rounds w/ 35lb bar

  3. SWOD: 190LBS

  4. SWOD: 5rds@115#/7rds@125#
    Metcon: 26Rds 45# bar

  5. SWOD: 105 lbs
    Metcon: 27 1/2 rounds w/bar

  6. Warm up: tabata row: 877meters
    SWOD: hang power cleans 80lbs(should've tried 85/90)
    Metcon: 28 rds w/ bar( finished at buzzer)

  7. CrossFit Football Total:
    Power Clean: 280 (last time was 275)
    Back Squat: 415 (last time was 405)
    Bench Press: 365 (last time was 325)
    Deadlift: 505 (last time was 495)

    Total: 1565 (last time was 1500 and my goal for the day was 1550, so PR! Next time 1600!)

  8. 85lbs
    35lbs didn't count rounds just tried not to mess up!

  9. CFE WOD # "Petersons Ghost"
    Treadmill in Hypo. Chamber at
    Golds Gym. Awesome. Failed.Couldn't
    do the last two 400's.

  10. swod: 3HPC p/min. for 12 minutes. @ 130# no penalties.
    metcon: 13 rnd's @ 65#

  11. SWOD: snatch technique
    -1 power snatch every 30sec @ 155# for 10min
    -5min max rep strict pullups..33 reps

  12. Swod: 6 rds @ 75# + 6 rds @ 80# (probably should have used heavier weight)
    Metcon: 30 rds @ 35#

  13. SWOD: 3rnds @ 80# + 9 rnds @ 90#
    Metcon: 24 rnds at 35#

  14. SWOD 100#
    Metcon: 33 rounds @35

    Wow Mike, "Peterson's Ghost" in the hamster cage at Gold's Gym? Impressive!

  15. SWOD 3x45# 2x75# 7x85#
    Metcon 13 rnds 45#