Wednesday 4.20.11

Oh snap!  It's 4:20 and you know what that means!  That's right, we're gonna smoke out those legs with some 100m sprints!
SWOD: 5 sets of presses at 80-90% of shoulder press 1rm.  Rest 2:00 between sets.  Each set is:
- 1 Shoulder Press
- 3 Push Presses
- 5 Jerks (push jerk or split jerk, but no behind-the-neck jerks)
Metcon:    8x 100m sprints, 1:00 rest between runs

For the SWOD, 1 set will consist of 1 strict press, 3 push presses, and 5 jerks.  Rest 2:00 and repeat for 5 total sets.  The weight should be heavy.  For most people 80-90% of 1rm will be in somewhere between their 5rm and 3rm, if that helps you estimate the appropriate weight.  If you start at the lower end, try to increase weight every set until you get to the higher end of the scale.

For the metcon, you will time yourself.  Start the clock on the first sprint, and leave it running the whole time.  Rest 1:00 exactly between sprints.  Your score will be your total time, including rest periods, at the end of your 8th sprint.  Bring a watch if you prefer, or you can run holding one of our stopwatches.

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 50lb sets
    Metcon: 10:17

  2. Swod: 2 rds@115#/3rds@105#
    Metcon: 8:50

  3. SWOD: 2rds@ 65# + 3rds@ 75#
    Metcon: 8:58

  4. 30 minute run on the beach road; ~5K
    Challenge: 87% humidity...ugh!

  5. SWOD: found 1rm shoulder press 80#
    Did 70# for SWOD

    no metcon today

  6. Swod: 70#
    monday's metcon: 13:28


  7. SWOD 55#, 60, 65x3

    METCON 9:22