Monday 5.30.11

Happy Memorial Day!   As a reminder we are closed for evening classes today.  Morning classes are running as usual.

Sorry Navy, couldn't fit your flag in this picture!

SWOD: OH Squats x1, 90% x 3, 80% x 5

Metcon:  For Time:
-150 Push Ups
*Every time you stop and rest with your chest on the ground this constitutes a penalty. If a penalty is counted, you must immediately sprint 40 yards. Once the penalty is completed continue with the push ups.
*You can rest in a pike position (the top of a push up) but once you can not do push ups any longer and need to rest on the ground, a penalty is counted and a 40 yard sprint must be completed.

Post weight, time and number of penalties to comments. cc


  1. "Kalsu" -
    100 thrusters @ #135 for time.
    5 burpees on the minute every minute.

    Made it through 30:00 and 66 thrusters. BRUTAL.

  2. swod 140x1 PR! 125x3 115x3 (failed on 4th rep @ 115)
    150 push ups and a bunch of 40 yard sprints 14:33

  3. SWOD: 85# OHS (PR); no time for x3 and x5
    Metcon: 18:33; range of motion started to break down at ~50

  4. SWOD 85x1,75x3,75x4,65x3

    Metcon 8:25

  5. SWOD: 80x5 this is not my 1 rep max but I can't get that darned bar over my head!
    Metcon: 13:05

  6. SWOD: 105x1 PR! ran out of time for the other reps.
    Metcon: 13:04

    Good job everyone!!! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. SWOD: 95 lbs.

    Met con: 13:36

  8. SWOD: Overhead squat 1rm= 95# PR! no time for other reps.
    Metcon: 18:34..with a whole lotta running. that smoked me. tried to do legit push ups every round.

  9. SWOD: 140 lb. OHS PR! 125x3, 115x5

    Metcon: 8:04. I think I had to run 12 times.