Saturday 5.28.11

For goblet squats, hold the KB as if it were a goblet of mead.  Focus on sitting back and trying to keep the KB close to your body.  The KB handle should be held just under your chin.
- 10:00 of Free Handstand Practice.  Spot each other and try to do these off of the wall, with one partner holding the ankles as needed.  Work on keeping your whole body tight, in a hollow position, and finding that balance point.  Summersault or cartwheel out of your handstands.

5 Rounds for time of
- 15 Ring Rows
- 15 Goblet Squats (heaviest KB possible)
- 15 Push Presses (95/65 taken from the ground)
For the ring rows, your feet should be on a box that is the same height as the rings.  Scale down as needed by lowering your feet.  Use the heaviest KB possible for the goblet squats.  For the push presses, clean the bar from the floor on the first rep and then complete the push presses.  Hint:  The fewer breaks you take during the push presses, the fewer times you have to clean it!

Post your longest free handstand hold and metcon times to the comments section!  bc


  1. CFFB:
    5 rounds
    15sec of 135# thrusters
    45sec rest
    15sec of weighted pullups (26#..50# was Rx)
    45 sec rest
    15sec of burpees
    = 72 reps

    Deadlifts 135x5,225x4,315x3,405x2,515x1 PR !!!!!

  2. Tabata du's 8..round (4) fell apart, started off with 26
    750 m. row 2:38
    4 rounds for time of 10 HSPU, 20 KB Swings @62#,30 Jumping lunges 16:33..Yikes!!!
    4 minute plank front,each side then back.
    Stretch then die..its humid back here.

  3. 18:27 w/ 35# kb and 65# push press

    Fun workout this morning w all the 8am ladies ;)

  4. Long handstand 1.2 seconds

    Metcon 19:53 53#KB,95#PP,RR rx'd

  5. Metcon: 19:43 35# KB; 55# push-press and mod ring dips; started pp w/65# but my lower back wasn't feelin' it

  6. Great job during the "Ladies Only" class @ 8AM girls! And Matt, SAVAGE DL! I didnt know your bar bent so much when you picked it up...

    CFFB WOD - "Quarter Gone Bad":
    5 rounds
    15 sec of 135# thrusters
    45 sec rest
    15 sec of 50# weighted pullups
    45 sec rest
    15 sec of burpees
    = 95 reps

    Deadlifts: 135x5, 225x4, 315x3, 365x2, 425x1, 435x1 (PR)

  7. 21:54 44#x1 35#x4 kb, 65# x2,55x3 push press. I started heavy... Fun class with the girls :)

  8. 21:45 44#kb, 65# push press.

    Enjoyed this morning with the ladies.