Sunday 5.22.11

This week we lost one of the world's greatest sports icons ever, Randy "The Macho Man" Savage.  Some of you may only know him from the Slim Jim commercials, but at one time he was one of my personal favorite WWF wrestlers (when it was still WWF).

Speaking of Slim Jims, try about 4 of them on your next cheat day washed down with some Yoohoo.  It's a seemingly odd combination but it's an awesome cheat snack.  At least Craig and I think so.

But back to The Macho Man.  I was of course happy that the end of the world yesterday would allow me the opportunity to hunt him down in the afterlife and get a photo with him, but alas the end did not come as promised. 

A lot of people immediately discount professional wrestlers as fake athletes, but the truth is they possess all of the fitness qualities we strive to achieve each day at The Compound.  From maximal strength to lift up a fellow 300 lbs wrestler and and fake slam him, to the agility to get up on the top rope and leap onto a waiting opponent who will pretend he is in immense pain.  From flexibility, and stamina, to balance and coordination, these guys display it all in front of tens of thousands of people every night.  The sport might be fake, but the physical abilities are real.

If you get a chance, watch the tv show Tough Enough.  This is a reality show where people are competing for a chance to become a WWE professional wrestler.  The work they put in in admirable, and their workouts contain many of the elements that ours do.  They even feature Rogue equipment, which has traditionally been an equipment supplier for the CrossFit world only. 


 Check out this wrestling highlight video that showcases the fitness and athleticism of these athletes.  RIP, Macho Man!  Oooh yeahh!  bc


  1. I fully expect to see 10 Macho Man flying elbows in a WOD this week.

  2. I was actually thinking of a "Death by Slim Jim" type WOD. Eat 1 Slim Jim the first minute and 5 burpees. 2 Slim Jims and 5 burpees the second minutes, 3 Slim Jims and 5 burpees the third minute, and so on until you puke. Anyone in? bc

  3. By burpees do you mean the exercise ?

  4. Can we put up a poster of Miss Elizabeth at The Compound?

  5. So down with the slim jim challenge....and Ryan, yes we can put her poster up if you're willing to part with it from your bedroom ceiling =)

  6. With all this training, when do I get to wrestle Triple H? :)