Thursday 5.05.11

Hopefully this is coming up or going down from the push up, because that is not the Hollow position you want to see!  Poor Greg was tired Tuesday and almost fell asleep on a bench.
SWOD:  Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1. 

Metcon:  As many rounds in 10:00:
-10 Push Jerks @ 60% to today's 1 RM
-1 Rope Climb (or 3 rope pulls from supine to standing)

There may be some clogging up at the rope stations, but that is ok I want you to focus more on the Push Jerks.  You may be able to Push Press the weight, but I want to make sure you work on the Push Jerk movement at a lighter weight and really push yourself under the bar.  For the SWOD and Metcon, the Jerks should all be done from the front, no rack jerks.

Post weights and scores to comments. cc


    2 squats+1 Rack jerk, 135,155,175,185,200
    GHDs, 12x3 sets
    HOLLOWROCKS, 20x3 sets

    CFFB METCON: 7 rounds
    3 20yd short shuttle sprints
    6 L-hold pullups
    9 vertical jumps to the 9' mark above head

  2. Swod: 75, 85, 95, 105, 115 (failed @ 125)
    Metcon: 4 rds rx'd

    First metcon with rope climbs as rx'd!! :)

  3. swod:95,115,135,155,160(pr)
    metcon: 5 rnd's rx'd @ 95

  4. SWOD 105#
    METCON: 4 rnd @ 65#, rope pulls

  5. Push jerk 95lbs
    3 rounds with 65lbs rope climb with chaffing!!!!!!

  6. SWOD: 65,85,105,115,125,135! Ran outta time but feel i could've gone to 140! was feelin good.

    Nice job on the rope climbs Steff!

  7. SWOD: Push Jerk: 135, 145, 155, 160, 165 lbs. PR!

    Metcon: 3 rnds. w/ 110 lbs.

  8. SWOD : 100
    Metcon: 3.5 rnds @ 65lbs

  9. WOD: assisted ring dips. 3 on the min for 10 min

    Hollow rocks 3 min