Wednesday 5.04.11

Melissa enjoying Wall Ball day

SWOD:  3 x 3 Muscle Ups (any variation) + 30 Sit Ups (any type)

Metcon: Complete:
-800 m Run
Rest 800m time
-400 m Run
Rest 400m time
-200 m Run
Rest 200m time
-400 m Run
Rest 400m  time
-800 m Run

For the SWOD, move through the reps slowly and with Full Range of Motion.  Speed is not necessary here, it is getting the best reps you can do each time.

For the Metcon, try to match your 400 and 800 m times on each end of the circuit.

Post times to comments. cc


Today, Beastie Boys released their new album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2, their first album in 7 years.  So I collected all my old CD's, you know my Kenny G and my Goo Goo Dolls, my Depeche Mode (obviously the hardest to let go of) and rode my bike to the CD shop to trade them in for spare cash so I could buy the new album.  I got to the CD store early so I could buy it before it sold out, you know all the hordes of fans waiting outside the building before it opens.

When I got there, I asked the employee where the CD's were, making it clear I was NOT going to be buying the cassette, even if it was cheaper!  I was surprised to see there were plenty of copies of the album on the rack and they would not take my old CD's no matter how much I claimed that those scratches came with them when I bought them and you could use your shirt to clean it off!  So I paid for the CD and left.

Now I've been sitting at home watching MTV all day, waiting for the Beastie Boy's new video to premiere on TRL.  But all that keeps playing is episodes of some show about drunkards in Jersey and pregnant 16 years olds!  Where are the videos?  Oh well, apparently I haven't bought a CD since 1999, times have changed huh?  I better figure out this Itunes stuff!  Thanks Scott for pointing out my complete lack of contemporary  "coolness" yesterday!

Anyways, In honor of the new album, today will be Beastie Boys all day!  From License to Ill to present!  And for those of you who don't care for the Beastie Boys, give them a try....or most of the workout is running anyways, so you won't have to listen to it that long because you will be outside!


  1. Craig, do you think i could get my WalkMan back from you? you borrowed it like 2 weeks ago, and my fannypack has felt empty ever since! I need it since tommorow is ARMageddon at golds!

  2. MetCon= 20 or 21 something

  3. METCON: 24:48 on rower
    Mobility WOD/Stretching

  4. SWOD Mussel ups from the knees tried
    a few times for a real one but
    Metcon 3:17,1:26,:49,1:36,3:41=10:49?

  5. Swod: muscle up practice from knees and w orange band
    Metcon: 4:14+1:46+0:58+1:44+4:01 (I think)

    ARMageddon, hahaha!

    Loved the Beastie Boys beats today, super fresh! :)

  6. SWOD: Muscle Up Practice. Still no dice.

    Metcon: Total time = 10:12

  7. Swod: Muscle up practice
    Metcon: 3:40, 1:40, :54, 1:54, 4:00
    Slow and low, that was my tempo!
    Craig, you're hilarious. Your story was totally rad.

  8. SWOD Muscle Up Practice
    Metcon: 5:37,2:17,1:07,2:22,5:08