Thursday 5.26.11

This photo is an excellent example of keeping a hollow body position in the overhead press.  This athlete's spine is stacked perfectly which, along with active shoulders, will allow him to be in the strongest and most stable pressing position possible.  We drilled the hollow body position yesterday on the ground, so let's see if we can now transfer that position to our overhead lifts!
- Shoulder Press 4rm for the day, 90%x6, 80%x8
AMRAP in 12:00
- 4 Clapping Pull Ups (or pull up sub of choice if clapping is not possible)
- 6 Clapping Push Ups (or push up sub of choice if clapping is not possible)
- 8 Broad Jumps (6/4 ft)

This metcon was from the CrossFit Football site last week.  The goal is to be explosive with every rep.  If clapping is not possible on the pull ups and push ups, do something to make your reps explosive.  You can do chest to bar pull ups, or switch-grip pull ups.  For push ups you can try to get your hands off the ground a little bit at the top of the rep.  For the broad jumps, the black floor tiles are 6 feet the long way and 4 feet the short way.  You may also go 5 feet if 6 is to long and 4 is too short.  Make every rep explosive!

Post weights and rounds completed to the comments section!  bc


  1. Am I really the ONLY one who posted today?

    SWOD: 75x4 (80x3), 70x6, 60x8
    Metcon: 5 rounds + 4 pullups with red band, 6 pushups and 1 jump.

  2. I'm here Melissa!!!

    SWOD: 70x4, 65x6, 55x8

    WOd: 7 Rounds + 6 clapping pushups

    First time I ever did clapping pull ups and I did it the entire WOD! So Stoked!!!!

    An don't for get our post skill work afterwards Melissa! Handstand and Headstand practice

  3. CFFB
    Bench warmed up to 315#/3 setsX5 reps@ 250#
    5 rounds
    20 walking lunges 45# overhead
    10 90degree rotation box jumps @ 20" box
    10 strict pullups

  4. Swod: 135x4, 122x6, 118x8
    Metcon: 9 rds + 3 push ups, i subbed bjs for max height 20# wallballs x 8.

  5. SWOD: 135x2, 125x6, 115x8

    Metcon: 9 rnds + 6 broad jumps.