Saturday 6.11.11

 Jason Khalipa, 2008 CrossFit Games champion, does a turkish get up with a 155 lbs barbell.  We'll keep it simple, however, and do them with kettlebells.

SWOD: 10:00 of Turkish Get Ups.  Review the technique, start with the lightest KB or DB and see how heavy you can go in the 10:00 period.

Metcon:  "Angie" with Turkish Get Ups
For Time:
-100 Pull ups
-100 Push ups
-100 Sit ups
-100 Squats

Complete all the reps of the first movement before moving on to the next.  The workout is set up to get through the most difficult movement first, and then each subsequent movement gets easier (for most people).  Every two minutes do 2 kb turkish get ups (one on each arm).  This workout will have a 30:00 cut off.  Use a heavy enough KB to make it a challenge, but not so heavy that it takes you longer than :30 - :45 to complete the reps.

Post heaviest turkish get up accomplished and metcon times to the comments section!  bc


  1. Hey guys I just got a message from DJ over at CrossFit Solano, they are having a team WOD @0830 & 930 with CF707 from Benicia.
    They said it is open to anyone and they will be mixing and matching teams if anyone is intrested. Just wanted to pass the word along.

  2. I am in if anyone wants to go !

  3. CFFB WOD:
    -Tabata Deadlifts @ 315#
    33 Reps, RX'd

    Great job morning classes. You guys crushed a tough workout!

  4. 100 strict pull ups
    100 push up
    100 sit ups
    15 squats

    No timer so I just did 4 thus every three sets

    Got interrupted before finishing squats... Darn