Sunday 6.12.11

I don't do this usually and she will probably never read this....but Happy Anniversary to my wife, Chrystina, who has given me so much and supported me through everything in the years i think?  I love you!

The Private Gym Bill of Rights - Elite FTS
I like the guys at Elite FTS. They put out a great website, with solid information on training, nutrition, make great equipment, etc. Albeit, they have a slant towards powerlifting, but we can all get a little stronger and that site is the place to do it.

This was a great article on Elite FTS last week.  The authors, as usual, do seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, but that's how they generally write their articles.  Fortunately, The Compound doesn't seem to have most of  the problems that the writer of the article has apparently seen from many other private gyms.  We certainly don't seem to have any of the attitude, member dues, or ego problems as eluded to in this article at other gyms and for that I am extremely grateful.  However I think the rules are still great rules to apply in the gym, workplace or home (especially Article 1 at home, right honey?).

One area we could apply these rules to is the playroom.  We don't offer child care and the kids run freely in the area and do what kids do, and they do a great job minding their parents about staying out of the workout area.  But lately there has been a bit of a mess in there, food, toys left out, etc.  Like Article II, Section II reads: "Leave it in better condition then it was found."

That way everyone can continue to enjoy their experience at The Compound, even the kids!  cc

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  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Enjoy your weekend together.