Monday 6.13.11

Matt and Jenny just received their CFL1 Certifications.  Great job guys and why do you look so pissy, Matt?
SWOD: Back Squats 5-5-5-5-5

Metcon: Complete:
-Box Jump (20"/18” Box) 50 reps 

-Sit-ups, 50 reps.
Rest 1:00
-Box Jump, 40 reps 

-Sit-ups, 40 reps.
Rest 1:00
-Box Jump, 30 reps 

-Sit-ups, 30 reps.

For the SWOD, work up to a moderate work set, then 5 sets of 5 reps attempting to go up in weight each set.

For the metcon, power through first round, record time, then complete subsequent rounds within same time.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. Funny you ask! Somebody bending over in front of me just dropped a gas bomb,and that was after they kicked my butt in the WOD

  2. Congratulations Matt and Jenny!! Hopefully you can help me with a scaled version of the wod to accommodate my bum ankle? Thanks! ;)

  3. SWOD- 105 lb

    METCON- 12:52 20" box

  4. Congratulations Matt and Jenny!
    Steffanie: what happened to your ankle? I leave for a week and come back to an injury! Hope your feeling better.

  5. Way to go Matt and Jenny...

    SWOD 185/195/205x2Fail/195/185x5s'
    Metcon 11:32
    Not feeling strong today for some reason?

  6. Shoulder press: 55x5, 60x5, 65x4, 65x5, 65x4
    Metcon (modified):
    50 back extensions, 50 sit ups
    Rest 1:00
    40 back extensions, 40 sit ups
    Rest 1:00
    30 back extensions, 30 sit ups

  7. SWOD: 55-75-85-90-100
    Metcon: 15:20

  8. SWOD: 185,225,275,295,325X5
    METCON:15:34 RXD

  9. swod: 115,135,165,185,205x5
    metcon: 10:30ish

  10. Swod: 85x5, 105x5, 115x5, 125x5, 135x5
    Metcon: 13:28 20"

  11. Can everyone please check your gear, Jenny had a black foam roller with her this evening at the 630pm class and now it seems to be missing.Thanks!

  12. I only steal water bottles. Sorry dude.

    Swod: 165x5 1st time with weighted sq since the middle of march.

    Metcon: 11:26. Subbed 52# kb swings for bjs

  13. Matt, Maureen stole the roller--sorry.

    Dietrich, I don't even know what to say about your substitution--that sounds tough.

  14. SWOD: 125#x5
    Metcon: 13:49 20"box *getting better at those box jumps :)

  15. Maureen..shocking! We are here for you Greg, hang in there.

  16. SWOD: 175x5
    Metcon: 20:53

  17. Dietrich: ummmmmm..i dont think that substitution would work in my house but good for you!

    SWOD: strict press w/ Steff 55,60,65,70, 75x2,70x3 then back squat with light weight later w/ jenny
    Metcon: 13:14 w/ 20" "bj's" as Dietrich would call them =)

  18. practiced lightweight on back squate

    woD: 12:56