Friday 7.15.11

Welcome Back Chris!  Here he is showing a good overhead position, actively pressing the shoulder up into his ear, turning his armpits to the front, and a slight forward lean to lock the bar in place in line with his shoulders and hips.
SWOD: Max Rep Pull Ups -OR- 3 x max reps of your chosen Pull Up substitution

Metcon: “DT”
Five rounds for time of:
-12 Deadlifts (155/100)
-9 Hang Power Clean (155/100)
-6  Push Jerk (155/100)

This is a heavy workout for the work we are asking you to do, so scale appropriately.  Your grip is going to feel this one.  Good thing we did all those pull ups before hand!  The Deadlift weight will be light compared to the other lifts, so try working a Clean Deadlift position rather than a traditional deadlift to improve that movement.
Post reps and times to comments. cc


  1. Swod: 9 kipping
    Metcon: 13:49 @ 75#

  2. Swod 4 kipping
    MetCon 11:10 @ 95lbs

  3. SWOD-practice hollow rock

    METCON-13:45 @ 75lbs

  4. SWOD:8 Kipping
    Metecon: 20:28 RX That was HARD!!

  5. SWOD: 3 strict
    Metcon: 24:24 100# but dropped weight to 85# half way through the fourth round.

  6. SWOD:
    - Power clean 285x1, then 255 for 5 sets of 3.
    - Weighted Chin Ups to 75x2, then 100x almost. LA Ryan said if I shaved my beard my chin would not have cleared the bar so I'm not counting it.

    "DT" as rx;d in 8:24. PR by 1:30! Good job 9:30 class. It was really hard and we couldn't figure out why.

  7. SWOD: Power Clean 305 x 1 (PR)
    Grip was going so I didnt do any lighter weights

    Metcon: DT in 7:52. Almost 2 min PR

  8. SWOD: Power Clean 225x1,185 5 sets of 3
    METCON: RXD @ 14:40 does it counts as a PR if this is the first time you actually finished the workout?

  9. SWOD: 1 strict pull up
    Metcon: DT 15:38 2rds @75lbs / 3rds @65lbs

    Last time I did DT it took 27 minutes at 60 and 65lbs..I will go out on a limb and say I might be stronger than I was last time I did this.

  10. 33 pull ups = pr
    Metcon 13:12 with 155#

  11. swod: pulls ups 29
    metcon; 14:45 @ 115

    That was tough..just wanted to finish.

  12. 29 pull ups, first 12 strict rest kipping

    MetCon: 15:23 with 135

  13. 25 kipping pullups

    15:58 with 85#