Saturday 7.09.11

Danyel demonstrating an excellent position to begin her pull for sumo deadlifts and sumo deadlift high pulls.
SWOD: 10:00 of L-Sit Practice.  Use plates stacked up, paralletes, rings, or boxes and try to accumulate as much time as possible in an L-Sit.  Scale this down by doing tuck sits or one leg tucked with the other in an L position.  Get creative and challenge yourself!

Complete three rounds for time of:
- 30 Cleans (95/65)
- 30 Pull-ups
- 800m Run

This metcon was created in honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, then 27 years old, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq in December 2007.

Post best L-Sit times and metcon times to the comments section!  bc


  1. That MUST be a mis-print on the 800m run

  2. You're right. I'm changing it to 1600m.

  3. Metcon: 43:10 65#, orange band (last Badger 45:44 65# w/jumping)

    I'll take it!!!! :)

    Thanks, Erica

  4. 40/30/20/10 pushups/situps/squats w/400m run before each set at 3333 feet altitude (Kingman, AZ)--that was tough!
    Greg: 19:00
    Maureen: 23:03
    Wish we were there to do Badger!

  5. Metcon: 39:47 shaved 4 minutes off my time!
    @65lbs and jumping pull ups

    Thank you Ryan and Brad for the extra push this morning!

  6. Saturdays have become "Expose my Weakness Days". Originally I was going to call it "Expose Myself Day" but I thought that might take on a whole other meaning.


    Can I call it a PR if it was my first time ever doing this one?

  7. This WOD brought a crazy amount of anxiety which is probably why I puked! Only water but still the nausea didnt pass.

    "Badger Revised"
    30 Cleans @ 65#
    30 Jumping Pull ups
    800 meter row

    Only did 2 rds( 31:00 w/ a moment to step outside) becuz i had to get home for hubby to go to work.

    Thanks Dani!

  8. 53:45 Rx. That was a rough one. Ripped my hand open on the pull ups and wanted to quit. Thanks Brad, Ryan and Doug for pushing me!