Tuesday 7.05.11

Ryan A. is working on his squat form with box squats.  These will allow him to strengthen the posterior chain,  which are the muscles primarily responsible for moving the weight when we squat.  In order to get stronger, sometimes you have to check your ego, take some weight off the bar, and focus on technique.

SWOD: Weighted Pull Ups 1rm, or Pull Up practice (Practice getting the elbows back, chest up, and trying to get your chest to the bar)

Metcon: Can you lift 10,000/ 6,500 pounds in 15:00?
- On the minute perform 4 push ups and max reps of power clean with the weight that you choose. Continue this for 15:00 and then total up the weight for all the reps, and see if you lifted 10,000 pounds for men, and 6,500 pounds for women.  Do this with light weight for more of a conditioning effect, or use heavy weights and lower reps to make it strength workout.  Either way, keep going for max reps in 15:00 and see how much weight you can lift in that time.

Post weights and total pounds lifted to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 20lb weighted pull-up- close on 25 and 22.5

    Metcon: 122 PC at 65lb = 7,930 lbs

  2. METCON- 102 @ 65lbs =6630 lbs

  3. SWOD: 30# P/U
    METCON: @155# round 14/66reps= 10,230#

  4. SWOD: pull-up practice
    MetCon: 96 @ 75# = 7200#

  5. SWOD: 35#

    MetCon: 6500# @ 9:11

    Did the MetCon wrong. Did weight for time instead of doing an amrap....ooops

  6. SWOD: pull technique, tried strict then banded
    Metcon: 96 @ 75#= 7200 lbs
    That was a fun one!

  7. SWOD: 40LBS
    METCON: 9230 STARTED W/ 225 1X3, 205 8X3, 185 3X4 & 1X 4, 135 1X5.

  8. Geoff J
    1rep max pull up= 90#
    135 x 7 x 15= 14,175 lbs
    60 push ups

  9. Bodyweight ring pullups w/false grip
    metcon:95 reps @ 100#'s = 9500
    OK guys its time to start posting your s#!t. There is no way you guy's can let some old guy take spots on the board just because you didnt follow instruction. The white board and blog are a valuable tool to keep up with your goals and accomplishments in here.Newbies need to see that this stuff is working ..and working WELL. OK, Im done.

  10. Got to 70# pull up

    Interrupted in middle of Swod: so I just finished up 75 reps at 135# without time.
    Oh well

  11. Steamboat Slough Day 1 WOD

    1# Boneless Ribeye 30ft Carry X 2
    12 oz. Curls AMRAP

  12. SWOD: Strict pullup w/red band; kipping pullup w/ skinny black band

    Metcon: 95 reps @70#s = 6650#s

  13. SWOD strict pullups and black band pullups
    Metcon: 75# total 8,915