Wednesday 7.06.11

Laura K. working on her pull ups.  Check out how her back muscles are working when she gets her elbows back and chest up on the pull up.  All of us should try to make our pull ups look like this!

Metcon: 10:00 of free hand stand practice, then one max handstand hold against the wall

SWOD: 10 Rounds of:
- 15 yard banded sprint forward
- 15 yard banded sprint backward
- 1:00 rest between rounds (rest will consist of holding the band for your partner)

With a running clock, one partner will hold the band and the other partner will run.  Sprint 15 yards forwards, turn around and sprint 15 yards back, and then rest one minute.  Repeat 10 times, and then the athlete that was holding the bad will now sprint, and the sprinter will now hold the band.  These are not for time, but give your partner enough band resistance that each sprint takes between 10-15 seconds to complete.  bc


  1. Max handstand hold: :27
    Banded sprints: 14:12

  2. Steamboat Slough Day 2 WOD
    Max HSHold 1:32
    100 Pushups
    100 Situps
    100 Air Squats

    BACK SQUAT:395
    S PRESS :205
    DEAD LIFT :425
    TOTAL :1025