Wednesday 7.20.11

Come on guys....I need to see some funny comments about that guy!

SWOD: Double Under Practice + Max Reps in 2 min

Metcon: Five Rounds of
- 400m Sprint
- 20 Sit Ups
- 3 Snatch High Pull (60% of Body Weight)

For the SWOD, practice the double unders for at least 15 min. Then take a break and see how many DU's you can get in 2 min. For the metcon PUSH YOURSELF on the run. The sit ups and snatch high pull are going to allow your heart rate to drop. Then you need to ramp it back up with the 400m Sprint. Using all three of you metabolic pathways will help you burn the fat and build the muscle all day.....So keep the technique tight and the intensity high! Get after it!


  1. oh ya, feel the burn, how ya doin baby doll? You like what you see?


    Just like this guy

  3. SWOD: double under practice
    WOD: 19:38 65 lb snatch high pull

    Thanks for the pep talk Craig I really needed it!

  4. You all don't understand the mechanics of workingout and your body. This excersise is called "fish fights fisherman", and it works your backous maximus, as well as your headous emptious. I bet you never considered working those muscle groups, or knew how.

    Well that's fine. I accept all of your apologies and to those of you who realize how superior my methods are, (compared to that Compound "workout"). I am available for personal training. I've already signed a few of your members... Ryan, Doug, Ryan, Matt, Melisa, and Craig, welcome to the pinnacle of fitness.

    Now let's go do some kipping preacher curls.

  5. SWOD: Bench Press 1RM 250# (not PR)
    MetCon: 17:47 W/ GHD and 115#

  6. SWOD: 5 DU, 2 in a row
    MetCon: 18:27

  7. 15 Strict Pull/U's consecutive. Got on the board for about 30 minutes.

    SWOD: 24 D/U (0 consecutively)
    Metcon: 16:58 (GHD/90#=60% BodyWt)

  8. swod; 31/102 with my heavy rope
    metcon: 13:56 @ 95#'s/ abmsu's

  9. Metcon: 16:06 @ 81# (stop light 400m loop)

    PS. I think the stop light 400m loop is shorter than the parking lot 400m loop, but I'll take it :)

    PPS. I think I've done that exercise at Gold's, wearing my awesome gloves of course ;)

  10. SwOD: 52 consecutive double unders

    WOD: 18:59 90# did little more weight than suppose to.I'm a tard and can't count. Heat was killing me. Not feeling this one

  11. 30 double unders in a row and 80 in two minutes.
    Metcon: 17:33 w/ 90# to the traffic light.

  12. SWOD- 39 DU in a row, 91 in 2 min

    Metcon- 17:53 @ 95lbs