Thursday 7.21.11

Snatch Balance of 172.5kg (380.30lbs) Snatch Balance at 69kg (152.12lbs) Bodyweight

SWOD: Snatch Balance

Metcon: 21-15-9

- Bench Press (Weight - Athletes Choice)
- Ring Rows

The Snatch Balance is a skill SWOD. This is to help you find the “Sweet Spot” among other bits in the snatch technique. The “sweet spot” is where the bar needs to rest once it’s overhead. Keep this SWOD light and explosive and focus on the placement of the bar overhead. Consistency breads creditability, with that said, try to place the bar overhead in the same spot every time. Also, do not chase the bar; meaning if the bar is too far out in front of you, you will have to hop forward to catch the bar overhead. Remember, THE BAR ACCENDS AND DECCENDS IN A STRAIGHT LINE; YOUR BODY TRAVELS AREOUND THE BAR.


  1. MetCon = 21/15/9 = did 75% of body weight for a 150 lb bench, ring rows sucked for rounds of 15 and 9 so i did "penalty reps with iso holds" (B.S. for i couldnt do a full chest to ring)
    Didnt track time

  2. SWOD: Box squats 95,135,185,205,225, couldnt do snatch balance shoulders are killing me.
    METCON: 185# 7:06

  3. SWOD Snatch Balance Practice 45,65,75#s

    Metcon 5:51 (105 bench=60%B.Wt)

    Summer road trip next 1-2 weeks Adios!

  4. SWOD: 115
    METCON: 6:34 @ 185

  5. SWOD: #35,#40
    Metcon: 7:57 45#

  6. SWOD: 135 SB
    MetCon: 7:32 w/ 145# (stripped 45# plate of box around middle of 15 ring rows)

  7. 8:32 75# started first 8 ring rows on box then went to feet on the ground

  8. SWOD...5 seta/5 reps @ 95
    METCON...145lb - 5:30 min
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  9. Sorry it is on 7/24..this Sunday

  10. snatch balance to 115#
    metcon: 8:07 @ 125#'s