Friday 9.23.11

Um....Good teamwork Steve?
SWOD: Back, Hip, Back & Hip Extensions review

Metcon: Complete 3 rounds for quality:
-Run 800 meters
-Power Clean, 15 reps

There is no time aspect or set weight for this workout.  Complete the work as you see fit.  There are several ways to do it.  If you want to focus on fast run intervals (preparing for the 5 K next week) then use the Power Cleans as an active rest with lighter weights focusing on form.  Or if strength is your focus (for the Total next week), then use a more tempered pace on the 800 m runs and focus on increasing Power Clean weights each interval.  Or you can team up with a friend and simply race each other using similar guidelines.  If you want to do the whole thing for time, you can certainly do so.  Simply pick a weight, say 55% of your 1 rm, and complete the whole thing for time.

There are several ways to do this and if you don't have any idea what to do talk to your coach.  He or she will certainly provide you with I'm sure the easiest variation of this workout possible.

Post weights and results of the metcon to comments. cc


  1. Thsteves hands are thso thstrong..

  2. I know right?!!!
    We should get a massage therapist to work at all our Saturday WODs and events!! Not steve though, that was probably a one time thing =) And you were well deserving of it Doug.

  3. SWOD: 95,105,115x2,110,110 shoulder press x3

    Metcon: not for time, power cleans @95#

  4. Metcon: for time 17:52 @ 70lbs

  5. I think I did make a few people a little uneasy, but Doug...Doug enjoyed it and dont let him tell you any different!

  6. CFFB:
    Power Clean-305
    Back Squat-485
    Bench Press-365
    Deadlift- 555
    Total: 1710#

  7. Alot of "Man Love" going on in that picture.

  8. swod: ghd stuff, back feels strong after those
    metcon: 18;35 @ 85# rx
    Nothing quite like running in the heat only to find a barbell at the finish line...Love it !!
    Kenny and Kevin noticably absent..where ya'll at ?

  9. Hey Coaches,
    Just spent some time reading all of your training logs...good stuff!

    SWOD: did shoulder presses - worked up to 60x3, and couldn't do 65x1. Such a mystery
    Metcon: fast as I could because I was late to work

    P.S. Doug you know kenny never gets on the blog. He has been coming in the mornings

  10. Metcon: pretty hot out so took it slow on the run. Cleans at 85 lbs. Time 20:32

  11. Metcon: Did this one for time..went with 75 pounds. However, I don't know what my time was because after completing round 3, I headed out for round 4, thinking I had one more round!