Saturday 9.24.11

Jumping Pull ups today.  There should be no ripped hands going into Monday's Total.
SWOD: Review of all movements in today's workout

Metcon: Move from each station after 2 minute:
-Walking Lunges
-Jumping Pull Ups
-Double unders
-Ring Dips
-Knees to Elbows
-Kettlebell Swings, 44/ 26#
-Sit Ups
-Thrusters, 35/18#
-Back Extensions
-Wall Ball, 20 lbs to 10'
-Rope Climb Ascents, 15 ft

This workout will take everyone 24 minutes (unless you miss or add any movements).  Start at any station, but move in the order the workout is written.  Score the workout as you would 'Fight Gone Bad', counting each rep through all the exercises.

Post reps to


  1. 297 total reps. Would have broke 300 if i could count that high and breath at the same time!

  2. 357 with singles, assisted ring dips, and 10 lbs wall ball

  3. 331, the score on the white board is wrong thanks to my husband's poor adding skills.

  4. 351 rx...thanks for the push RS

  5. 331 total reps
    w/ no rope climbs and banded ring dips.

    Would've been nice if my damn double unders would have better than 2-5 at a time..uggg. I can't seem to string my 20+ in a row during a metcon when i could really use 'em.